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It’s no-pants day in WildStar

Usually, when I log on, my character is standing around in her skivvies. I understand this is a common bug. But today things were a little different and I admit I laughed out loud.   Anyhow, I’m alive. I’m playing. … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Alaskah

So I’ve been playing SW:ToR off and on for a few months now. It’s been more on than off lately, not that anyone in my guild would be able to tell it since gaming is certainly a thing that has … Continue reading

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My new home

Or maybe this is just where I’ll leave Alas if/when I log out of the game for the last time over. Sure there are some spiders and their webs and sure there are some undead idiots prowling about, but I … Continue reading

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Lady in Red

Alas ditched her ugly pink and green Outlands getup and went red: I think this is a change we can all live with. As fun as it was being a nerve-jangling eyesore (for about five minutes), I find a return … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

Remember when I had something to write about every day? Me neither. Oh well. Writing has not been something for which I have had much mojo lately, for which I blame several stressful months at work. At least my terrible … Continue reading

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Engineers. What a bunch of bastards.

One of the best things about having parked my boatload of baby alts in the Shrine is that they usually get a chance to be the toon to talk to the Blingtron 4000 and have a chance at getting 5 … Continue reading

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Minipost: Stomp this!

I made an¬†inadvertent¬†discovery today1, squawked about it on Twitter and discovered that I was not the only person who didn’t know this before. So. Here we are. Halfhill. The daily in question is called Pest Problems and you have to … Continue reading

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Minipost: Stealing from Rades

So I was out pet battling today and was in Moonglade trying to capture a Silky Moth when I saw something sparkling in the distance. Not being a gatherer of anything other than cloth on Alas, I decided to investigate. … Continue reading

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things I carry with me, always

I was cleaning out my bags the other day, as is my wont to do every day because I cannot abide even virtual clutter, and I had to smirk at the things that have been perpetually in my first two … Continue reading

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Grisly Trophies and you in MoP

I have found my spot for current and future Grisly Trophy farming. It went quickly and smoothly enough, so I thought I would share it with everyone else and ask whether anyone else has their own spot all figured out. … Continue reading

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