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One Word

I don’t know how many of you have heard of One Word. I’ve known about it for a few years now, but I haven’t ever bothered to try to fine one word that could sum up my whole intentions for … Continue reading

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Chapter 34 – You can app to my guild. I admire your parses.

Chapter 34 While purposefully not logging on to join <Rosings> for their heroics, Elizabeth, as if intending to exasperate herself as much as possible against Mr. Darcy, chose for her employment the examination of all the email which Jane had … Continue reading

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Déjà who?

Er, hello there. This seems a bit familiar, doesn’t it? This blog is like WoW. I just can’t seem to quit it. Part of me is rolling my eyes in derision at my own inability to just make a decision … Continue reading

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Protected: Context

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Seeking balance

I’ve been wanting to write a post here for a while – well, a few posts, actually – but it just hasn’t happened for various reasons and so now you all get a pointlessly long ramble as I attempt to … Continue reading

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Wrapping up the Iliad

Here is the last installment of Zel’s WoW Iliad. Talk about a guest post that kept on giving! WoW Iliad – Book 1 Parts 8 and 9 Now after twelve days the GMs came back in a body to Blizzard … Continue reading

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Darcy, Darcy, Darcy… /shakes head

Chapter 33 More than once did Elizabeth, in her ramble within Dalaran, unexpectedly meet Mr. Darcy. She felt all the perverseness of the mischance that should bring him where no one else was brought, and, to prevent its ever happening … Continue reading

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Epic Guest Post: WoW Iliad

Today’s guest post will be the first of a multi-part contribution from the inimitable Zelmaru of Murloc Parliament. She is making epic poetry accessible to the modern day WoW player by putting the Iliad in WoW terms. We’ll butcher anything for the … Continue reading

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And the Vogon Poetry Contest Winner is…

Wensleydale, AKA a lot of other things but known to most as Glorwynn of Heavy Wool Bandage. Glorwynn is in mah guild so I’m sure she’ll pick a pet there rather than here. In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys … Continue reading

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Cruel reminders

A Morning Commute Darkness rushes glubly past The yellowed flates and pasta-complected sources of stench limp and bedraggled flop (lugubrious little hexes) Malodorous rotted oatmeal in the fiery furnley track Birds dying the dusk Sorrowment and enjoyessness, minglerametaed like two … Continue reading

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