And the shark will have his day

I only regret that this didn’t happen last week. It would have been so very appropriate.

At and I were Horde-side, for the first time in a quite a while, and still working our way through Howling Fjord. Having gotten down to our last handful of quests, we were tearing merrily through the quest lines we know so well down in the Kamagua/Northsea area.

Flying out to the ghost ship for The Lost Shield of the Aesirites, we talked to Captain Ellis and were told to go get Barrels of Blasting Powder. No problem. I charged belowdecks, assuming At would be right behind me. Under that deluded assumption, I proceeded to bubble myself (I’m a disco priest) and pull the whole group of mobs. After all, I knew from prior experience that we were going to have to wait for some repops in order for both of us to get all the Blasting Powder we needed, so I figured that we might as well get started as quickly as possible.

Also, we’re leveling a prot pally and a disc priest. AoE grinding is sort of our modus operandi.

“You coming?” I asked, as I dragged all the angry skeletons to the stairs.

“You coming?” I asked again, somewhat more concerned, as my bubble fell off and I started taking quite a lot of damage.

“Where the hell are you?” I demanded as I tried, and failed to get a heal cast on myself and died ignobly.

“Right here,” At finally said. He rounded up and killed all the skeletons as I stared at my dead body with a little frustration.

“Well what took you so long?’

“I, uh, got lost.”

“Got lost? How? You go down.”

Sheepishly. “It’s a big boat.”

Then he says, “At least your body isn’t sliding out of the boat.”

We’ve seen that happen too, so I shushed him and knocked on my desk for effect.

“Now you’ve jinxed me,” I grumbled.

A moment later, he rezzed me. I accepted it and promptly fell in the water, watching as the boat cruised away.

Whereupon a fucking shark attacked me.

Bubbling again, I made for the nearest bit of floating ice and had enough presence of mind to levitate myself. Maneuvering onto the ice floe, I started to gloat in the general direction of the shark’s pixels. “Come and get me now!” I taunted.

I should really know better. Shit like this always happens to me.

The shark jumped up onto the ice and proceeded to snap his jaws at me. Fucking shark.

I retreated to the other side and waited several moments for it to decide to bugger off.

I should have killed it. Goddamn fucking shark.

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12 Responses to And the shark will have his day

  1. nowiamtree says:

    On the plus side, it didn't have lasers and a guitar wielding undead on its back…..

  2. theanorak says:

    That's this link from the Cata beta ze Tree is referring to, btw. In case it happened while you were away. Or under a rock. Or something. Also, there's a dinosaur too.

    Did you hum the Jaws theme to yourself?

    • KissMyAlas says:

      I was too busy laughing to hum the Jaws theme.

      And when that picture hit, I think I had half a dozen people send me a link saying "Look! It's DinoTam!"

  3. Rades says:

    That picture is of a shark carrying a dinosaur looking suspiciously like a certain Devilsaur! And you are attacked by a shark shortly after? I smell conspiracy!

  4. Andy says:

    Good thing it had no frickin' laser beams, else you'd be toast. Again.

  5. Rhii says:

    That's fantastic! You should have killed the shark though. Damn sharks think they can do anything. My disc priest is about that level and I'm enjoying it immensely.

    • KissMyAlas says:

      I really should have done so. Unfortunately, I think I would have had to wand it to death and that might have been more effort than the revenge was really worth. Plus I had to go loot those skellies for my blasting powder!

  6. Ataraxaven says:

    Maybe he was imitating this shark?

  7. Anea says:

    Whereupon a fucking shark attacked me.



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