Unlucky link love

Not my fault it’s Friday the 13th and you all happened to post some great reads this week. Here’s some overdue link love:

New Word by Arioch from Clearcasting. A discussion of the differences between passively wanting something to happen and actively working to make sure something you want has the best chance of happening. I ambit this last work day to be over – anyone else with me?

Halion Flowchart by Kae from Dreambound. A great look at the Halion fight using the blogger’s sacred tools of flowcharts and stick figures! I do have nightmares about those purple death beams.

Guest Post: DinoTam by Reversion from Looking 4 More. An awesome portrait of DinoTam relaxing in his den, talking about the hardships of his life. I want to see a whole series, as with Corporate Raider. But that’s me. I’m selfish. Still, the claws coming through the toes of his slippers are brilliant I tell you. Brilliant!

The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Guild Leaders by Psynister, with assistance from Anexxia, from Psynister’s Notebook and Bible of Dreams, respectively. This is seven things Guild Leaders might do to render themselves ineffective. I put the list to my guild mates and either I am not terribly ineffective or they are all too afraid of me to tell me so. Or maybe I stopped listening in order to organize the guild bank.

A very special honorable kill comes via Rades from Orcish Army Knife. It’s a heartwarming hilarious tale of poor Vidyala’s (of Pugging Pally fame) first kill on the Horde side.

And in veritable endless knot of links and mutual references, I give you once again, Zelmaru of Murloc Parliament fame, with True DinoTam Facts. I have a dream that someday DinoTam chatter will replace Chuck Norris chatter in the Barrens (actually, I had a dream that there was an entire stadium full of people all cheering and chanting for DinoTam. I’ll be seeking professional help soon).

Please note that it’s now Friday and people have until Tuesday to enter as many entries as they like for my DinoTam Poetry Contest to have a chance to win totally sweet prizes.


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