Cooking with Alas

I feel this one will need a little background.

Back  when Wrath of the Lich King first released, At and I took off an extra day or two from work like the good geeks we are and had a LAN party for leveling goodness and another excuse to play WoW for absurd amounts of time. This entails both a goodly quantity of booze and what we refer to as “oven food.” We offer up such delicacies as taquitos, tater skins, cheese sticks and pizza rolls.

And that right there is why we don’t have more than a few LAN parties a year. They’re hedonistic dives into pits of slothfulness and grease. And liquor.

Anyhow, that first time we made our way through Howling Fjord, we came upon a certain quest at the most inopportune time. We were in Skorn and we were eating pizza rolls.

We became rather queasy, and I don’t think it was only the alcohol talking. Since then, it’s become a joke between At and myself. We get to Skorn and I say, “Mmm, pizza rolls.” He makes adorable choking noises and we refrain from eating pizza rolls for a few more months. And it is in the spirit of wishing to save others from eating such unhealthy food, that I present this first lesson in cooking with Alas – the perfect appetizer for your next LAN party:

Skorn Pizza Rolls

  1. Buy pizza rolls.
  2. Follow instructions listed on packaging
  3. Allow a few minutes to cool
  4. Use kitchen shears to cut triangular strips on the top of each roll
  5. Nom. Or not.

And because no post around here would be complete without him:


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