More DinoTam Poetry!

I know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting this, scoffing at posts of killing pirates and wondering why I even bother to pretend I have anything to say that anyone wants to hear if it has nothing to do with DinoTam. Here are the other entries:

From Anea of Obeying the Muse, we have this untitled haiku:

lotiony orange scales
dignified tophat dino
EEP! surprise buttsecks

Eep! Forsooth.

From Angelya of Revive and Rejuvenate, we have this untitled DinoTam song:

DinoTam, DinoTam,
Does whatever a Dino can.
Pointy teeth, shiny scales,
Another pet beside him pales.

Look out! Here comes DinoTam…

Alas just cannot understand
What it’s like to be DinoTam.
He hates the north where cold winds blow –
He’d rather be in Un’goro.

He prefers the finest meat.
Look out if you pass him in the street!
He might pounce when you’ve turned your back
with his surprise buttsecks attack!

DinoTam, DinoTam,
Friendly neighbourhood DinoTam.
A Dino of enormous size!
He is ravishing to the eyes.

Look out! There goes DinoTam!

Name that tune!

From Elfindale (again!), another Dr. Suess-ish entry:


The dinosaur was huge,
Like “fuck off enormous” size
But the hunter was certain
She wanted him as her prize
So she tamed him and named him
And gave some commands
But it was soon very clear
He was full of demands
He had no time for mobs
He just wanted to play
But then he’d be tired
And would sunbathe all day
He soon became known
All through the land
As the dino with attitude
They call him Dino Tam
He likes skin rubs and steaks
He doesn’t play well with others
When he stays at daycare
They get complaints from the mothers
But the hunter, she loves him
And puts up with his shit
Because thanks to him
Her blog gets lots of hits

It’s true. I do get lots of hits for DinoTam-related stuff.

An untitled entry from the dapper dino himself, @DinoTam

DinoTam rocks
Thoughtful, benevolent and kind
DinoTam rocks
Dignified as a Dragonhawk
No matter how much Alas whined
Or joked about sex with behinds
DinoTam rocks

He is so damn modest.

And lastly, this untitled entry from Lara of Root and Branch, also seen in the comments section of Zelmaru’s DinoTam limerick post:

If DinoTam’s behind you, it were wise
To watch your backside closely as you may
Lest he should give you buttsecks by surprise

In Hellfire, there are demons of great size
Who cover up their rumps with sheets of clay
If DinoTam’s behind you, it were wise

In Howling Fjord a dragon roams the skies
But when he flies behind you, move away,
Lest he should give you buttsecks by surprise

I beg you, give no notice to his cries,
And flee the region when he says, “let’s play!”
If DinoTam’s behind you, it were wise

So do not heed Tam’s pleading or his lies,
But hide your tender derriere away;
If DinoTam’s behind you, it were wise –
Lest he should give you buttsecks by surprise

Buttsecks by surprise sounds like a cologne gone horribly wrong. My two cents.

That’s all the entries. Thanks again to all who entered and to all who love DinoTam as much as I don’t do!


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  1. Is Angelya's go to the tune of Particle Man by They Must Be Giants? Because that is exactly what popped into my head reading it.