My raid leader is a meanie poo poo head!

A few days back, I had someone find my blog by searching the following:

my raid leader is a jackass

While I find that – and similar search terms that have led people here over time – terribly funny from a juvenile point of view, I would hazard a guess that the raid leader in question is not the problem. Quite the opposite – I’m betting the raider who feels hard done by will most often be responsible for tensions existing between them and their raid leader.

Let’s look at some basics:

Raid leaders tend to be part of a leadership team, which means that they hopefully have some ability to lead people. I will allow that there is some rather startling frequency in guilds having their besties – their closest-knit BFF cliques – be the guild leadership. I am not talking about these people. Their guilds will inevitably topple. I am talking about established, been around for years, guilds.

Like all other officers and leadership in game, raid leaders do not get paid or receive any tangible perks for taking on the burden of leading raids. It’s a volunteer position, most likely done by the person doing it because they have some skill at organizing people and balancing a hundred details in their head about which classes can do what, more or less. They also remember the mechanics of numerous boss fights and are able to articulate those mechanics and what they mean and what to do in response to overcome the mechanic to the average raider who is, after all, hardly better than a drunken gnat in terms of attention span.

Oh, don’t look at me like that. If every raider out there were as good as they fancied themselves to be, even the most haphazardly thrown together pug would be downing the Lich King. Alack, the vast majority of raiders live in a sort of fantasy land of super-de-dooper awesomnity when it comes to their ability. I’ve seen it, time and again.

And I laugh when insufferably stuck-up players are the ones who end up dying because, even through the combined force of their awesomeness and a boss mod, they’re not actually aware of anything far enough past their Recount meters to stay out of the bad.

Stupid meter-humpers. Go find a dummy in Ironforge or Orgrimmar to have be a partner to your fantasies of topping the charts. Doing it in front of other real people is just gross.

However, a good raid leader often feels responsible for all their little raiders and will often call out reminders about what they ought to be doing. I imagine the average raid leader can be fairly patient about this for at least a few months. But when it comes down the same fucking idiot making the same fucking mistakes over and over and over again, your average raid leader is going to start calling the idiot out for it. Or replace them with someone who might be able to do better.

So don’t come here and tell me your raid leader is a meanie poo poo head for saying you made a mistake, it was your fault the raid wiped and you’re a hopeless noob who should learn to play before trying to raid. Because it’s probably all true and you, or people like you, wore out their willingness to address things calmly a long, long time ago.


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    Actually I wanted to correct you about the no tangible perk. They get 1 perk and 1 perk only. They get to go to every raid they sign up for because they are leading it. That however is often outweighed by Warlock McStandinthepoop and Tanky del SlowtoTaunt who give raid leaders early gray hairs/baldness.