Love of meters is the root of all evil

I would like to try an experiment. I would like to see how a raid goes if no one were allowed to run Recount or Skada during any of the fights. After a great deal of thought and observation, I have been able to trace most raid failures back to raiders – and particularly DPS – being overly concerned about their meters.

Which is stupid.

But let’s count the ways, shall we?

  1. Most famously: standing in the bad. Hey, it’s super hard to pay attention to your feet when your eyes are locked with a lover’s intensity on those meters.
  2. Failing to switch targets when they’re supposed to. Hey, it’s super hard to care about the life of your healer when you are so close to taking the top spot on those meters.
  3. Causing bad things to happen in the middle of your raid group, like chaining Ice Tombs. What? You want me to stop DPS and move? Are you fucking mad?
  4. AoEing when a single target needs to be burned. But there are lots of them! I should hit them all! It doesn’t matter to me that one of them will explode if not killed in a timely fashion near the end of their life. I’m on the top of the meters and the healers just need more to do! So they can top their meters because that’s all that matters!

And then there are the healers.

  • I just had to snipe heals from the other healers. So even though I’m a tank healer, my tank died because I ran oom, trying to beat that rotten tree over there to the punch on the rest of the raid. It’s okay though, because I’m at the top of the meters and I look great.

Yup, down with meters! I’ll let you know how it goes.


Love of meters is the root of all evil — 19 Comments

  1. im in ur raid snipin ur heals!

    Meters should be hidden while in combat. Put something useful in that space, like a threat-meter or a reminder to MOVE OUT OF THE BAD.

  2. I love my damage meter, because it is the one reliable way for me to remember that I'm mistakenly in Aspect of the Viper.

    • I was JUST about to reply the same thing, haha. One time back when I was gearing up it also let me realize that I had accidentally broken my Meta gem requirement. Generally there's no need for meters mid-combat, but honestly, the types of raiders who obsess over meters are so full of fail they'll find other ways to be inept, even without Recount. :P

    • Just a thought, I used to forget the damn aspect like ALL the time.. so I cheated.. I found an add-on that gives me an annoying dinging noice and goes "Full mana, Aspect of the Viper still on!" until I switch aspect..

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  4. The really weird thing is I keep recount up all the time, but I rarely look at it during progression fights. But if the weekly is like Patchwerk you damn well better believe I keep one eye on it all the time.

  5. If Skada is set up correctly, it will swap from DPS / HPS to Threat automatically, so the only thing you need to watch is in the same space.

    Before I used Skada, I had Omen and Recount sitting on the same spot – one would fade when the other was active. I forgot who I stole that idea from, but stoled it, I done.

    Nibs, I think. Definitely a warlock.

  6. That is true. I do think Recount/Skada can be useful if used correctly. I like to think that I use Recount well – as a spur to do better, but not at the expense of doing my job correctly.

    But that's less fun to write about than those meter-humpers who DO fail all the time because topping the charts is more important to them than the raid's over all success.

    Man, I hate those people.

  7. I absolutely agree with you here. Meter-humping is the source of so many problems in a raid, it's enough to drive a girl crazy.

    But allow me to play the Devil's Advocate for a moment. Why do people hump meters? I argue they do it for the same reason that my students used to worry more about their points than about their understanding: Because the rewards go to those with the highest grades, not those who learn the most. They're not dumb. They optimize what gives them the best return.

    Of course, we'd ideally like to make it so that you can't get high grades without learning the most, but in reality it just doesn't work like that, ever. Ask any teacher anywhere—heck, ask the students, they know it too.

    So yes, the DPS and healers humping the meters is bad, but those of us who lead the raids and give out the assignments are also to blame. We give the highest praise and the best DPS jobs to the people who—are most effective at raid utility? No: To those whose numbers are highest. We send the healers in to do the fun portal job on Valithria Dreamwalker based on—the healers who did their assignment most reliably? No: To the healers with the best output.

    It's true that we will still fail if we neglect the things you mentioned—careless threat, standing in bad, waste of mana, and so on. But a wipe is only one kind of punishment, and many of the meter-humping behaviours we see are also reinforced by OTHER kinds of reward—praise, good assignments, and reputation among your raidmates—that are harder to measure.

  8. This. The trouble is, though, even if you hide the meters during combat, you know they're there, and there's an incredible temptation to do things you know will look good on them later, even if you can't see them now.

    This is how we always lose at least one DPS caster on the Sindragosa trash. :)

  9. While I can't say how other people might run their raids, I personally try to praise people and will rely more on those people who are doing what they are supposed to, not those who are at the top of the meters.

    Of course, I most greatly admire those who can do both their job correctly and have awesome throughput at the same time.

  10. It's wonderful that you take that into account! Sadly, it seems many raid leaders, even ones who are otherwise very good raid leaders, don't get that one right.

  11. While I enjoy checking the damage meters after a fight (and it's helpful when you're doing bosses that require a certain amount of raid dps to see if you have enough) I don't like it when people try sooo hard to be at the top.. and forego everything else.

    I find this especially obvious in VoA when ranged ignore the frost orbs. Or on Saurfang when ranged ignore the adds. In both cases it can be devastating for the raid.. but hey.. you topped the charts…

    I also find it annoying when people say.. oh you did so well on this fight.. and you did so bad.. and you wanna go.. yeah but at least *I* did what I was meant to and killed the adds.. Some classes don't get as high up when they have to switch targets.. does that mean they can ignore switching and just focus the boss? Of course not! (I wish people would realise that)

  12. I love meters and I’ll tell you why.

    Because of the way they measure everything.

    Say you’re on marrowgar and you wipe (unlikely but stay with me here). Why did you wipe? Because of spike dps, healers got spiked and weren’t freed fast enough. Why was the spike dps low? Because Timmy the warlock doesn’t like target switching and Jimmy the mage would rather finish his cast than swap. Let’s also imagine for a second that Marrowgar has suddenly learnt how to curse people and curses 3 people every 20s. It’s called GiantfuckoffcurseofDoom and it drains all the mana of the person targetted, steals their wallet then horribly murders them. You have 2 decursers, Dufus the resto drood and Jimmy the mage. Dufus is doing all he can but because you’ve decided to 2heal it he’s strugglng. Timmy doesn’t want to decurse because it doesn’t make a big bang and he doesn’t feel he should have to. So by chance you catch a break and the raid makes it to 5% and Mr Boney has learnt to enrage, you’ve taken too long people are oom and you gasp your last as Marrowgar 1 shots your tank and gets down to some hard boning. Your ret paladin, Bubblegump as it turns out is clinically retarded (a surprise I know :p ), and whilst outwardly has good gear/enchanted well etc that he’s copied from better paladins – he’s completely terrible, has the wrong ranked skills, is pressing the wrong buttons and generally doing awful dps.

    How on earth would be able to identify any of these problems without a meter? Poor target switching, failing at dispelling and bad dps are common things and will happen whether people are being meter horny or not. But if after a wipe I can pull up my recount and say to raid or in whisper:
    “Timmy your spike dps is low, do you think this is fair to the rest of the raid? This is one of the reasons we are wiping – you did 10k damage. Keep this up and I’ll remove you from the raid”
    “Jimmy your spike dps was better however on that last fight Dufus did 100% of all the decursing. Dude this really isn’t cool we lost a chunk of healer mana to that curse because YOU didn’t do your job. keep it up blah blah blah etc etc”
    Bubblegump has been removed from the raid

    Replace the mechanics with any number of things that pop up and I think my argument holds true. Without the ability to identify the problems you’ll never be able to solve them. Whilst they may cause a problem (Heck I’ve raided with meter horny people a lot before) the porblem they cause it less than the one they replace and if you utilise your meter properly you can even solve that.

    I realise a lot of what I’m saying is moot because you’re arguing against having them out in combat but I felt I had to get that off my chest :p The only time I’ve ever had meters up in raids in combat is to check people are blowing CDs when I want them to – Ie putricide HM on the slimes.

    • I actually think that raid leaders are an exception to the no-meters idea. After all, they can be extremely useful when used correctly. I keep mine up all the time, but then I know better than to worry about whether or not I’m at the top of the damage charts.

      There are some players who just shouldn’t be able to have them at all – even out of combat. I don’t think that’ll ever happen, but I think that if the meter-humpers were forced to pay more attention to, oh I dunno, downing bosses correctly, we’d see a lot less of the general stupidity I outlined above.