As might have been mentioned around here more than once or twice, I’m pretty lame. Lately, I’ve been daydreaming about which abilities I would most like to have in real life. I’ve pretty much got it narrowed down to the one I would most like – but then there are the few I’d just really like to have. So here are my top three:

3. Polymorph – I’m sorry, but it would just never get old to turn people into various animals. Cut me off in line at the grocery store? You’re a sheep. Being ignorant about something? You’re a pig. Irritate me by stealing all the covers again? Have some fur, At. And feel free to curl up on my feet while you’re at it.

People would think I loved animals, I would be surrounded by so many.  Of course, anyone asking me about my deep love of animals would be turned into a turtle forthwith. Seriously, leave me alone imaginary people.

2. Purify – I have at least the one altruistic bone in my body. But seriously, how awesome would it be to be able to heal people of their diseases? I don’t think I even need to expound on this one, because it’s so obviously awesome.

And the number one ability I wish I could have (please note the extreme selfishness of not putting purify in at number one):

1. Teleport – Forget making measly 5g tips in game, the idea of being able to make portals from stupid real life locations (like the Midwest, rawr) to much more awesome real life locations (Hawaii anyone?), is indeed a life-changing one. For one, I would quit my job of desk-work drudgery and take to a life of advertising instant travel to anyone who could afford the fee. Whenever I got tired of people (so about every 2 hours), I would simply pick a location and go.

And I could still do good things with this power! The next time someone got trapped in a mine, I could theoretically get down there and save them. Of course, I would have to overcome that pesky claustrophobia….

Just at the moment, if I could, I would press the publish button on this entry and take myself off to the Wasatch Mountains. Or maybe Capitol Reef, atop the Cassidy Arch….

My daydreams have taken a new direction.

Which power(s) from WoW would you take if you could?


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  1. Teleport would be awesome – if you could choose your destination. ;) If your only options were Portal: Schenectady, Portal: Death Valley, and Portal: Antarctica… ;)

    For me, it’d be Levitate. That would go a long way toward my fear of falling…

    • Hehe – in my daydream, I can go anywhere with teleport! Oh, the life of crime I could lead if I wanted!

  2. Shapeshifting, in a heartbeat! Especially flight-form. I won’t deny, teleporting is pretty awesome too—but I think the ability to turn into other creatures would be the best thing ever. :)

    • I find it interesting how many people want to do things their main class can do. I didn’t even think of shapeshifting, but then again, I rarely play my druid.

    • /sigh, after Look! is supposed to be brackets where you can insert your own annoying persons name

      • Technically, Holls, all you would have to do is get a shield (or a metal trash can lid… or a frying pan…) and start walloping people with it. Try it and let me know how it goes? :P

    • I thought of that, but that gets into a whole mess of other questions. Would we also then be eternally young, like our in-game counterparts? I wouldn’t want to come back if I were too old to function on my own. And what about, say, dismemberment? Would the rez come with a reassembly? Wold our health be good upon return? So many questions….

  3. Swift flight form, for starters. Even though a teleport/portal spell to *any* destination would be much more “useful”. It’s like riding a motorbike, or in a convertible in summer, or taking a speedboat down the Thames or something. Sure, you could take the tube and you’d probably get there more quickly. But much less AWESOMELY.

    And I need more awesome in my life.

    It’s related, but a hearthstone would be good. I’d be the king of one-way travel.

    Every single ability which silences humanoids. Preferably repentance, as it’s instant cast and lasts for ages.

    Maybe a soulstone?

    • I suppose I am lazy. I am all about the destination and I hate the journey. :P

      Totally with you on silencing humanoids. I might get a roll of duct tape and write “repentance” on the strips I start slapping over people’s mouths.

  4. I would like to be able to summon an armored horse any time I want (except indoors). I also would like to walk on water and be able to resurrect myself and others, then I can walk around and pretend like I’m Jesus. Being able to fly around on dragons would be pretty awesome too :D

    • It’s all fun and games until someone decides the dragon looks like a threat and shoots a missile at you.

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  6. 3. Rooting those pesky jerks and walking away with a single finger salute. :D
    2. Nourish/Abolish Poison/Cure Disease…
    1. Shape Shifting: Instant swift flight form, would illuminate falling accidents so would Kitty, bear when I’m a real grouch or cold, Otter for swimming with the dolphins, and tree for those moments of healing/blending in with nature.


    Love this thread, I needed to get my mind off of all these pesky issues staring me in the face…

    • It’s almost like you like druids or something.

      But seriously, the mental picture of the root and salute is too funny. Also it rhymes.

  7. Let’s see, I’d want…

    1) Pally Bubble for doing crazy stuff like jumping out of planes and off tall buildings, not to mention its ability to cleanse diseases and keep bad things from being able to hurt me.

    2) Flight form. Definitely want flight form. That would be too awesome.

    3) I’d have to say Teleport too.

    Oh, how did /ignore not make it into your top 3, anyway? I guess polymorph kinda takes care of it, as long as it lasts long enough for you to leave… (CC rules apply?) /ignore is forever :P

  8. mind control sounds great to me ;)
    i wouldnt mind levitate either and maybe some shadow:word pain at times for the really annoying people.

    • I get the notion you play a priest.

      I’ve always thought of SW: Pain being like a headache. I have one of those and I don’t want it. Perhaps there’s a priest lurking around my desk?

  9. I’d go with Abolish Disease rather than Purify, for the extra safety.

    But back to the silliness, hmm… Vanish and Stealth. Would be so awesome to gtfo of horrid situations, or just hide from somebody you don’t want to see.

    Tame Beast – because I’d LOVE to have a pet bear irl xD

    • Oohhh, those are good ones. Sometimes getting away is the best idea. And avoiding.

      /ponders expanding wish list to 5 things