Bite size buffet

Against my better judgment, I took DinoTam out with me to help do the little we’re allowed to participate in for the retaking of Gnomer.

It was all complaints about how we never go anywhere warm anymore right up until we reached the outskirts of the initial Gnomish base. I’ll leave it to your imaginations to guess the full extent of what happened then, but here is a picture:

I can also tell you that in the end it required the following to help deal with the, err, aftereffects:

I also need a lawyer. Apparently, I’m to be prosecuted for the acts of my pet, even though I was unconscious at the time (DinoTam turned quickly and his tail whipped into my midsection, throwing me against a tree and knocking my head on a rather stout branch.) So if anyone knows a good lawyer, that would be most helpful.


Bite size buffet — 5 Comments

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  2. I don’t think personal injury/property damage is Yngwe’s specialty, but he might know someone…

  3. I would talk to a warlock, all the best lawyers are demons. I am sure they can summon you one up from the twisting nether:)