Wait, what

I got an odd notion this weekend. One that involved At, Azzah (who was visiting) and me rolling rogues. The plan was to level to 10 and then start inflicting ourselves on PVP queues.

Since we were all pretty hard up for cash at the beginning but wanted our abilities, we all sold nearly every scrap of clothing we had and ran around, questing in our skins.

We had enough other things interrupt us that we only just managed to get to 10 and queued a few times. We won the first one and then proceeded to lose and die a whole lot. I normally hate PVP but the idea of getting closer to level cap for WSG and being able to gank rather than be ganked is just so darn attractive. We’re going to eventually level these three rogues only through PVP and the odd bit of exploration/had-to-kill-that-critter-for-my-gathering-skills XP.

It’s a fun to shake things up a bit, especially for me. Between not having a rogue, generally failing at melee and my deep-seated loathing for PVP, it’s a whole new way to play the game for me.

Oh, and being a troll is new for me as well. I think I might have been briefly possessed by the anti-Alas. There’s no other reason to explain why I thought this was a brilliant idea, especially since I wasn’t drinking when I came up with it.

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3 Responses to Wait, what

  1. Apple says:

    That picture is adorable.

    Also, you crack me up. XD That sounds like fun!

  2. Saga says:

    That sounds like a really interesting idea, I’d love to get an update in the future on how it works out leveling mainly through PvP :)

  3. Ataraxaven says:

    That was a lot of fun. Can’t wait to be 18-19 though, 10 is squishy!

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