The consequences of drinking (and of listening to Yngwe)

I mentioned a few days ago that I was dealing with some painful things in game. It’s still hard to talk about it, so I’m going to simply state that Esyllt got drunk at Brewfest and made some big decisions in that inebriated state. She’s regretting it all now, but regret doesn’t change anything. Neither does trying to fill the holes in one’s heart with cheap substitutes.

But she’s trying, poor thing. (You’ll obviously need to click to embiggen)


The consequences of drinking (and of listening to Yngwe) — 14 Comments

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  2. I had a hunter for a while back in BC, I think I got him to 20-something, but as soon as I was able to get a pet, I ran him to Westfall to get a wolf. (Nox is a dog person) Named him Phydeax. Got to where I didn’t really like playing that toon very much, just couldn’t get into it and the decision was made that he would have to go to make room for a DK when Wrath came out. (Nox is an altoholic and didn’t have an empty character creation slot) I didn’t have even the smallest givashit about that hunter, but it took a long time before I deleted the toon, all because of the dog. /sigh. Yes, I know. Nox is LAME

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  4. She broke up with DinoTam?! Aw the poor thing, was she heartbroken in the morning? I guess DinoTam gets to back to Ungoro for a bit of a holiday now, poor dear.

  5. Noooooo! DinoTam… Nooo…

    See, DinoTam will obviously find himself a new hunter as soon as he can, no problems.. but then, maybe he rather retires by now.. sit in the sun and get lotion rubbed on.. like a DinoTirement Home.

    • He is pitching SUCH a fit. I have to keep him away from MiniTam and keep a wary eye out for ambushes. It’s exhausting.

  6. I know it’s wrong to anthropomorphize animals, but there’s something heart-wrenching in that sad dino’s face! =/

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