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DinoTam Related

Bad Dino From Disciplinary Action – I suspect she has a crush on DinoTam. And really, who doesn’t?

Bootcamp from the incomparable Looking 4 More. I DIED a little, from all the laughing.

Do you have DinoTam-related art? Itching to put a mustache and beret on MiniTam, who is DinoTam’s French cousin? I can speak for all DinoTam fans when I say we would love to see it.

On a more personal DinoTam-related note, he is far from gone. Although to hear him talk on Twitter, he hates the stables and is trying to find a new hunter.

Links to things I’ve really liked 

This post from ATT from Murloc Parliament was, I thought, an excellent recap of what is needed to excel as a dps caster in general and as a mage in particular. Give it a read if you haven’t and a reread just because I told you to.

And with more link love to Looking 4 More, I really enjoyed this older post: We are Terrible People. We are when you stop and think about it – no wonder some of my super-religious friends think WoW is ebil.

Let’s see, what else? *Rummages through reader* Oh, right. Nearly everything else has been about Cataclysm. I’m getting bored of reading about it, to be honest. Bring back the RealID debates! At least those got emotional.

Things we need more of

The Bee Pit

I, Gerald

Various and sundry recipes

Another real life note because I like to think you care

If you’re not on Twitter, you may have missed that I had a phone interview yesterday for a position that is out in Salt Lake City. Now, I hate interviews – loath them, really. I get nervous and the nervousness does nothing to recommend me to anyone. I find myself talking too fast, forgetting to breathe and speaking in a higher pitch than I normally do.

Awesome. Thank God no one ever wants me on a podcast.

Anyhow, my failings aside, I did well enough that I should be getting a call for a second interview soon. If I am somehow selected, I will fall off the Internets for a while as I’ll have to pack and move, sans husband (unless the pay is just phenomenal) and go be a squatter in my sister’s basement.

Nervous excitement, I has it.

How is everyone else doing with that thing we call real life?  Well, I hope!

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8 Responses to Stuff and things

  1. The excitement of a new job, it is exciting! I’ll keep my talons crossed for you. Wait, what?

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  3. EiraChaeli says:

    Yay about the interview. I’m sure you only sounded rushed to yourself. I can’t wait to hear the news…and yes I check your website every so often…it makes me feel closer to you :)

  4. Saga says:

    Congratulations on the interview, I’m sure the second one will be great too! I used to work in HR – and trust me, you very seldom see people cool and collected during interviews, including myself!

    • Alas says:

      I made a crack at myself for bad interviewing skills when asked what my greatest weakness was. The interviewer laughed at me and said I was doing fine. It is comforting to know I am not the only one who gets a little freaked out by it.

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