On this, the day of my blogoversary

My blogging doors have been open for a whole year today.

That’s so little and so much all at once. Because I’m a retrospective sort (when I feel like it), I wanted to spend a little time looking back. There’s been quite a number of things that have been of great note – to me – along the way. Think of this like one of those cheesy sitcom’s almost-to-the-show-finale sorts of posts. Only I’m not going anywhere. Sorry. I’m sure you were all hoping.

Cue the projector

It all started a year ago today. There was my first post, which I won’t even link to because I sincerely don’t want people to read that. Then there was my first truly WoW-related post, which I will link to, because it makes me cringe at how bad I admitted my guild could be at raiding.

Later on, I met Zel. I liked her immediately because she hates people who try to call out over the raid leader. I also liked her because she was one of the very first “Internet Strangers” to ever come by and comment. Because she is insane with her blog roll of dooooom, suddenly I had more people coming by my little corner of the Internet than “just” my guild mates.

Then Tam found me and said something nice, never knowing what a mistake that would turn out to be. In an error of equally bad judgment, he then linked to me. Traffic went up again, and my brief obsession with it mirrored the rise.

One day, I got all jacked up on Benedryl and decided it would be hilarious to rewrite Pride and Prejudice with a WoW twist. A lot of people seem to agree that the desecration of Jane Austen’s most famous work should go forth. And it has.

But of all the turns this blog has taken, there is one that stands out in my mind as something I never would have seen coming. I speak, of course, of the DinoTam phenomenon. MiniTam – or @PetiteTam as he is known on Twitter – has recently joined the ranks of person dinoalities that have come into being and promptly gone spinning out of my control.

Since when does a blog run by a mage become all about a hunter and her pets anyway?

Slides are over! Random confession time!

But on this, the day of my blog’s first anniversary, I want to share a small confession with you all.

I want to tell you who to blame for the fact that I started blogging in the first place. Ironically, he is one of the most outspoken detractors of my blog. But it was Asmod who shared Mortigan the Lock’s how-to on raiding (Mortigan’s blog is gone as far as I can tell, but a copy of the text can be found here for anyone who somehow managed to miss that post). Little did he know what path that would put me on.

So now, being a proper mage,  I’m blaming two warlocks: Asmod and Mort. But wait, there’s more. From Mort I wandered over to I Like Bubbles and ended up reading, uh, everything. Because Amber was and is terribly funny.

So I blame her, too.

I was inspired to start writing again and with no other plan than that, I set out to do so.

Sappy, I can be it

Since starting my own journey a year ago, I have been privileged to meet a lot of people and to get to know them through their posts about everything from how to be properly murderous in the battlegrounds to how to see the light side of LFG to more wonderful and witty observations on this gaming experience we all share. (And if I didn’t link you there or don’t have you in my blogroll, it’s because A) there are too many wonderful people to link in a tiny sentence and B) I fail a lot. (But feel free to mention any lack to me and I’ll get it fixed!)

I’ve ended up with new guild-mates – some who have made WWAB home and some who just visit when they have the time and inclination. I’ve had sympathetic ears on Twitter for bad days and lots of clever observations to make me laugh.

I know I have been saying this a lot lately, since I have been so recently dealing with family drama and the loss of my grandmother, but I am so terribly thankful for all of you.

And so, presents, if you want them

I can’t pretend to be nice like Windsoar of Jaded Alt and say “Here, let me give you an idea if you want one,” and make it sound like I am being generous. Instead, I am bossy, so I will tell you what to write about because I said so – if you want me to. I’ll be less of a muse and more of a nag. Please leave me a comment if you want me to order you around for one post. It’s the least I can do.

Lastly, an announcement

Blogging will be light in these here parts and with November just around the corner, I don’t think it’s too difficult to figure out why. Yes, I am participating in NaNoWriMo for the first time ever and I am excited about it but I also know what a challenge it will be. In many ways, the timing is perfect. I’ll be able to dole out ideas for posts because I won’t need them myself. I will get to focus on being creative during WotLK’s last days. When I make a return to blogging on a schedule, Cata will be days away from dropping.

Again, I feel the need to detour into sappy territory. When I first started this blog a year ago, I hadn’t wanted to write anything in a long time. I couldn’t fathom the idea of making a stab at another novel. But the ideas behind Emergent have kept coming to me in bits and pieces ever since I started dabbling here. After plotting and dithering for a year, it’s time to kickstart that novel. As I have mentioned everywhere else, I welcome support by way of people asking whether I’ve been meeting the word goals.

To all the other NaNo participants out there, I’m signed up at the official site as KissMyAlas. We can be writing buddies if you want!

Love and gratitude to everyone who has made this first year so wonderful!



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  1. Woo, I’m honored to be one of the linked people on your first blogoversary.

    Also. you may nag me if you like. I too rarely take advantage of this sort of topic exchange and it is time to remedy that. *prepares self for zany topic*

    • Er, I don’t know that I have anything zany. Let me try this here.

      Srs question of srs: You posted a whole lot at isheepthings before starting your own blog up. What has it been like starting your own blog? Have any unexpected challenges hit you? Do you feel like you lost or gained things you weren’t expecting?

      Zany question: In a knock-down, drag-out fight between Wrynn and Sylvanas, who would win and why?

      You got a twofer! Take or leave it. :P

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  3. Grats on the anniversary! And hopefully many more to comebefore you close your bloggie doors.

    Oooh, I need to get my NaNo stuff set up. I’m sure I signed back in – I still only have a fraction of an idea for a plot but at this point it’s Tradition to do NaNo so I can’t really *not*. I’m gonna try friending you there… of course it’s not analogue on NaNo since I’ve been doing this for, er, 8 years?

    • Many thanks!

      I look forward to NaNo and seeing how all the other bloggers I know do on it.

      Eight years is inspiring. Truly. Good luck this year!

  4. Daaaaw, sap! <3

    I find it interesting and yet not at all surprising on second thought how many bloggers I know are doing NaNo. But then, we're all writers, aren't we? XD

    And please, boss me around! I need a topic that isn't my impending panic over Tuesday's ICC25. :)

    • I hereby command you to write about….

      /turns head sideways and bangs on it to see what falls out

      … ah, um… looks like you get a touch of RP. What does it mean to your character when she steps into a raid?. What goes through her mind as she faces the big baddies of Azeroth?

      (If this too close to ICCpanic! let me know and I’ll knock something else free)

  5. Fantastic.

    In your first comment on my (then 8 week old) blog, you apologised for being a jerk AND sent a hug. A useful introduction to the iron fist and velvet glove of KMA.

    And I’m with Rhii, both on the thank you AND on the willing-recipient-of-blogging-orders front.

    • Alrighty then. Hearkening back to when I first introduced myself, you hadn’t really raided anything at all. Now you’re a Kingslayer. (And I am jealous, yo) You’ve shared a bit here and there about what the experience of raiding was like, but if you look back over the past several months and really take in the scope of how far you’ve come, how does that make you feel? What were the best parts along the way and which people were the most instrumental in your journey?

      • Thank you!

        Much better than the post I was working on before I remembered I dozily hadn’t checked back to see if you had come up with anything (the post-in-progress is titled “So I’ve been having a lot of casual sex…”, so I might still come back to it)

        I’ll get right on it.

  6. Happy blogaversary!
    Added you as a Nano buddy, I hope I kick myself up the bum in the next couple of days and lay down a proper plotline to follow so that I actually bother this year! Would be lovely to finally have something written that isn’t in blog format.

    Also, I’m flailing a little bit with blog topics, boss me around all you like :)

    • You have, like, a meeeelion alts. When it comes to major game changes, whether that’s expansions or big patches like 4.0, what is your strategy for getting the game back in working order as far as addons goes? Do you perfect things on one character before duplicating your work elsewhere? Are there any addons you can’t live without?

    • I’ma shake this up a little.

      It’s a dark and stormy night (obviously) and you’re stranded outside Gilneas. You need shelter from the weather and the fearsome beasts and your hearthstone broke when you fell off your horse earlier. What do you do?

  7. Happy Blogoversary! I’d ask for a blog topic, but there’s very little of WoW that can be translated into living in very very rural West Africa, so go for one of the REAL bloggers, instead :D

    Oh, and welcome to NaNo! Drop by the Spork Room on the forums – you’ll find us in the forum called NaNoWriMo Ate My Soul. Which it will.

    Here’s a spork and a woobie and some chocolate chip cookies to share… that will get you in the door.

    • Thank ya much! I’ll have to try to find my way to those forums and take a look around.

      Very, very rural West Africa does inspire questions in me. Like which zone in WoW is most like where you are living? Don’t have to blog about it, of course, but I am curious.

  8. It was only a matter of time before this blog became a blog about a hunter and her pets. Hunters are awesome!

    BTW, the game would not let me name my crow “Pecker,” so you will soon meet my crow Peckr!

    • Have you done the dishes yet? Why haven’t you ironed my favorite shirt? I thought I told you three times to take the trash out!

      Oh…. oh! Different kind of nagging?

      You said recently you were doing some of the holiday achievements and that usually means somne PvP. PvP isn’t something I have seen you talk about much so I am curious how you feel disc priests hold up in battlegrounds. I personally find them impossible to kill. How does it look from the other side? With your cheaty, cheaty bubbles?

  9. Happy Blogoversary!

    I’m very honoured to have been linked in your 1-year post, too. It will never be forgotten!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog since I first discovered it, and I recognise myself in some of the things you say. Like the writing; for me the blogging is my avenue back into that as well – and while I’m still only really blogging I do hope it will eventually lead to me writing a novel again in the future. I’m so happy for you that your novel is falling into place, it must be a wonderful feeling!

    Good luck in NaNoWriMo! I’ve never dared to participate, but it sure seems like a blast. Maybe I will try next year, at the moment I couldn’t even if I dared since I’m moving to a new apartmnet in 2 weeks so busy with packing (sigh). But I wish you the best of luck and I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

    From what I hear because of the frantic pace in NaNo the writing may not be a masterpiece – but you’ll have the framework and you can work from there. As a very wise woman once said “You can’t edit a blank page”, or “I can always fix a bad page. I can’t fix a blank one.” :)

      • Thank you for the kind words and the NaNo encouragement! I am going to need all I can get in the days to come!

        Now let me nag you about something…

        /conjures up some Strudel and munches thoughtfully

        What do you think are five qualities of a good, nay great, raid leader? And what do you think a raid leader’s most important role is while leading a raid?

        What do you mean this seems like a selfish topic for me to ask someone else to write about?

  10. 1) I miss Morty. That post of his was sheer brilliance, and still makes me smile. Thanks for reminding me of it.

    2) I PvP to the sound of Jane Austen movies, and I don’t care who knows it. Take THAT, because the Collinses will turn us all out and we’ll starve in the hedgerows!

    3) I prefer “ruthlessly efficient” to “murderous.” It’s a question of style, you see.

    4) I’ve really enjoyed your weblog, and am glad to see it grow into what it’s become.

    5) Best of luck with NaNoWriMo, and I’d love to see what you come up with!

    • 1. I know, right? I still get a laugh out of it!

      2. That is awesome!

      3. Duly noted!

      4. Thank you so much!

      5. I will post some excerpts from time to time throughout November and will share more somehow, elsewhere, maybe, I don’t really know.

  11. I am stoked that you are doing NaNoWriMo. And that you have been entertaining us here at this blog for a full year and aren’t ready to quit yet. I can’t wait to read more of your writing, here or there or wherever.

    You rock! *HUGS*

    • You rock, Elfi!

      Thanks for always being so supportive of my writing. It means the world to me!

  12. Hey, just one of your lurkers here, and I’m ecstatic that you’ve decided to plunge into NaNo this year! You may remember my review on your fanfiction a while back, and I believe it’s safe to say that I look forward to whatever you write for your novel.

    • Hooray for a delurker!

      I do recall your kind words about SA. I feel bad that I haven’t managed to make much progress on that lately. I’m so close to the end, I should just finish it. But now NaNo is most certainly in the way.

      I look forward to sharing some of my NaNo efforts – though I am trying very hard to remember to just write and not edit as I go. I imagine I’ll have difficulty sharing anything I haven’t polished at least a little!

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  14. A very happy blogaversary to you! Well done on making this blog so awesome :)

    Feel free to nag me too, I need a good nag at the moment…

    • Thank you very much!

      If you need a good nag, you’ve come to the right place. I think. Maybe.

      Cataclysm is coming and everyone I know plans on rolling one of the new races. Will you be taking advantage of all the reasons to roll something new and if so, what will it be? Is there a class you’ve never tried before that you can’t wait to try out or will you be playing something familiar to see how it feels to level with all of the changes that have been made?

    • Many thanks! It is exciting to see how far I have come in a year.

      Good luck to you with NaNo as well! It’s an exciting prospect!

  15. D’aww. Happy belated blogaversary, Alas! I’m sorry I’ve been a bad commenter/blog reading friend. I’m trying to get all caught up. I’d love an idea, if it’s not a trouble, but you’re busy with NaNo so I’m sure it can wait!

    • Thanks for the wishes – I’ll take em no matter how late. You have been busy, I know, with the new blog getting going.

      I’m more than a little fuzzy, so please tell me if this is something you’ve covered before and I am just being a forgetful dorkwad. In terms of lore, mechanics or general badassery, who is your favorite villain (boss, regular outdoor mob, whatever) in WoW and why are they your favorite?

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    • Hehe, thanks! As I told Vid, I’ll take it, no matter how late. The important thing is that after a year of my nonsense people are still so nice and encouraging of further nonsense.

  19. Congrats on one year, Alas! You write a great blog and I’m hoping that I get to keep coming by here for a long time to come!

    (Incidentally, I really, really need to update my blog roll…)

    Anyway, I know I’m extremely late to the party. But if you’re still dictating posts, I’d be happy to get in on this.

    • Many thanks for the kind words!

      I find I quite enjoy being a bossy sort, so I am happy to keep telling people what to write about. Incidentally, Zel thinks you should write a druid guide for kittehs in the spirit of Alamo because it would be awesome. I do agree with that, but the question I would have is what advice you would give to a person who decided to roll a druid because of the appeal of their jack of all trades nature. What are the pitfalls and how are those overcome?

      You’ll have to forgive me if I am asking crap you have already posted about. I was like “oh new person I don’t know quick go look at the blog so you don’t sound dumb oh just admit you’re dumb and ignorant.”

      So, yeah, I am dumb and ignorant. But bossy!

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