I might be a little excited. Unduly excited even. I lead a small, sad life sometimes – what can I say? I can’t help but view it as a mark of affection.

But it did give me an idea and one I mean to put some serious thought and effort into carrying out. With hunters now able to tame so many pets, I shall go forth and force many different animals to just love me, dammit. And I shall name  them after those for whom I have great affection and respect. That includes many guild mates but also various and sundry bloggers and readers.

Is it wrong to want a core hound named Rades?

A kitteh named Zel?

Or a ravager named Noxy?

How about a majestic dragonhawk named Vidyala?

If you could pick a pet to share your name, which would it be? And why?


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  1. I am not on this list and I AM SAD.

    Of course one can’t tame ponies, which is tragic, and my infamously faovirte critters are already covered. Hmm. Hmmmmm.

    …the only thing you need more than one Devilsaur is two, right? One named Bubbles?


    • Oh, you’re on the list in my head, but it’s true that there are some problems with my already having a Devilsaur. I like them enough I could totally see getting the white one and naming it Bubbles. On the other hand, if I were to ever get Loque, that would also be a fitting pet to name for you, I think. :D

  2. Obviously, you should get a wasp pet and keep though scrolls of renaming on hand so you can rename it to Bee Pit Resident of the Day.

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  4. One of my former roommates did this when he was multiboxing four hunters and a Druid. He named each of his pets after one of our characters with a tanking spec. Good fun!

    “Oh, hell, Cadwyn died again!”

    “Wait, what?”

    “No, just the pet…”

  5. My GL’s hunter has a pet crab named Cynwise.

    At first I’m like, a crab?

    He replied, it’s because she’s so good in PvP.

    ooooooh. *blushes*

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  7. Just so you know, Esyllt and I have a rocky relationship. Oftentimes, I will pull a whole mess of mobs, expecting her to jump into the fray. Much to my chagrin, she is off commiserating with other put-upon animals about the burdens of being a trigger-happy huntard’s meat shield. She also bitches a lot about how I don’t use her in raids because her buff is rendundant with the wolf’s, which every hunter has.

    When I finally talk her into, you know, attacking something, her battle cry is “Screenshots or it didn’t happen!” I think “WTF?” but really I am just happy that she stopped socializing long enough to fight.

  8. Loque would be ironic considering I CAN’T FIND HIM MYSELF kjashdasjhdaskhdasjhd.

    Also I am now reminded that I need to tame a blue crab and name him NotJosh again. Because Josh hates that, and I hate that he quit being my pet tank bitch, so that makes it even!