A plague on me!



At shared his plague from last week with me and real life has generally been taking over in other ways. So it’s great for me that I have another pile of link love to share. Let’s get to it!

More times when I told people what to write (and then they actually did it):

From Windsoar of Jaded alt, we have A Failed Attempt at Saying Happy Blogaversary! Now, to be clear, I don’t think it was a failure. On the contrary, I think Windsoar did a great job of taking a strange prompt and making the most of it! My continued apologies for tossing that one your way!

Next, from Apple of Azeroth Apple, we have Raiding, from a lore perspective, which is a look at how Apple’s character feels upon facing down raid bosses. I certainly never thought myself to try to see raiding from Alas’ eyes, but Apple clearly put some thought into it.

Lastly, from Ano of Mysterious Buttons, there is For Alas: Why, how and who. I’m honored to have such a lovely and poignant post dedicated to my name when it’s even more for the people that Ano gets to play with. I found myself wishing I could be a part of that guild, even if on a part time and temporary basis, because the love that exists there is nearly tangible. Mushy, I was it.

I think I still have or two prompts that were sent into the void. I’ll still be looking for those posts and sharing them if I see them!

Other Stuff

In terms of more random posts that I have liked lately, head over to Manalicious where Vid has been posting just a whole slew of good stuff, including I Am A Damage Dealer (which was a response to Tam’s also-excellent musings on the divine right of tanks ), Fostering A Sense of Teamwork For Tens and sharing recipes that are guaranteed to add some poundage to my waistline this holiday season if I can’t keep myself from breaking down and making them…

Ahem. Meanwhile, Cynwise has shared with everyone his Case Against Heirlooms, which I found very interesting. While I have been plague-stricken, I’ve been rolling a few alts on various servers just to see and explore the changes. Even without heirlooms, leveling is going wicked fast and I think between that and Cynwise’s post, I am convinced that the Worgen rogue I’ve been planning for the last year will likely be going without heirlooms at least part of the time.

Lastly, Christmas is coming and if you needed some awesome ideas for Perfect (and cheap) presents for that WoW-player in your life, check out Disciplinary Action’s fantastically clever designs and ideas. I still must obtain the Runic Healing Potion as a shirt.

Oh, and while I am on the topic of Disciplinary Action, you must go check out the comic of I, Gerald. It is brilliant and my only regret is that it will be the only I, Gerald comic because kobalds are generally difficult to work with. But maybe if enough people beg or sign a petition…

And that’s it

I just heard that our house is being shown twice tomorrow so I am going to take advantage of being home with the plague to do some cleaning. And disinfecting. Ew.


A plague on me! — 3 Comments

  1. Wow, Alas! Thank you for all the love. <3 I'm not worthyyyy!" I'm sorry to hear you're sick, though. Don't overdo it with the cleaning and make it worse!

    /brandishes soup

    • Don’t overdo? I don’t know the meaning of the words. No, seriously.

      And you’re totally worthy. Who else in this world would brandish soup?

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