Mage CC – not just sheep anymore

Despite how many hours we’ve had to divert to packing, At and I have managed to play for a bit of time most nights and have made our way through Hyjal, Deepholm and Uldum. We’ve also run a few dungeons along the way: BRC, The Stonecore and Vortex Pinnacle. We’re most of the way through 84 and could easily have hit 85 last night but thought that since we won’t be getting to really play any time soon we might as well take our time and get a little more rested XP saved up before we knock the rest of it out.

That and we were sleepy. Packing up one’s books is a chore.

So far, The Stonecore has been the most intensive in terms of needing to crowd control. Both times I have gone there, the dps has been myself, ATT and one of our warlocks. We cleared absolutely everything in there the first time through and I noticed that I have managed to get rather rusty when it comes to keeping my target sheeped. Fortunately, my first run was enough to remind me of what I needed to do and subsequent runs went more smoothly as far as my CC was concerned.

So much for sheeping – it’s hardly a new mechanic and nothing has changed in how to properly manage a CC target. But mages did get a new toy which, while it has a limited use, can and should be used to take the edge off of either an initial pull or an accidental pull gone wrong.

I speak, of course, of our Ring o’ Frosty Flakes. I admit I was not the one to leap to the conclusion of how useful it could be on a large pull – that was ATT – but he hasn’t got a draft on this so I get to be the one to talk about it like I am smart.

This is not the ring of frost you're looking for.

What we were able to do was to either take turns pulling packs of trash using Ring of Frost – with the other mage ready to sheep the target that would be too far outside of the range of the frost ring or the one that would be frozen but who would stay at a range when they got free.

Ten seconds isn’t a lot of time, but it did help with keeping more of the trash at a distance and allowed the tank to pull his targets away from the ones that needed to be sheeped. (Our first non-ring of frost pulls would have frequent CC breaks due to Hammer of the Righteous, Holy Wrath and the occasional Consecration.)

So that is the best use I have seen so far from this new spell. How have other mages been using it?


Mage CC – not just sheep anymore — 3 Comments

  1. My favorite use so far for Ring of Frost (as Frost spec), is in Vortex Pinnacle. The sparks on the platform that do mega dmg to the entire raid as you approach is difficult to live through without some cc. I use my pet freeze as we run in and then ring of frost the sparks. Within three seconds they are all frozen (as the pet freeze kept them grouped up in the middle instead of spreading out), and the party can aoe them down quickly. Also, the ice block from Ring of Frost gives the healer some help healing up all the dmg the raid just took running in. Works like a charm!

  2. I’ll be honest, a lot of my use of Ring of Frost is when a messy trash pack pull happens for some reason, I pop it down around the pack so when my splash inevitably pulls a mob or two, they freeze nice and solid for the tank to take back.