Anyone want to take a, um, crack at captioning this picture?

I know. It’s in horrible taste. Doesn’t stop me from giggling like a fool.

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12 Responses to Immature

  1. Apple says:

    “Well, she said if I shoved a piece of coal up there, in six weeks I’d have a diamond, so I thought I’d try. How’s it looking?”

  2. Rades says:

    “Where did you THINK obsidium came from?”

  3. Rezznul says:

    See, there *is* light at the end of every tunnel!

  4. Zha'ane/Channi says:

    “Uh oh..! He’s gonna do it again… RUUUNNN!!!”

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  6. Narci says:

    “Twitter said there was a light at the end of the Glop dailies, but this is ridiculous,” Ruberick grumbled.

  7. Runzwithfire says:

    “You know you may be a big rock bloke but the sun doesn’t shine out of your ars….. nevermind”

  8. Rhii says:

    Lysol kills 99.8% of bacteria on your earth elemental. Some things, even Lysol can’t touch.

  9. Elfindale says:

    I was gonna try and come up with something, but everyone above me has already won. Lol, those are hilarious.

  10. Serrath says:

    “Cross over children. All are welcome. All welcome. Go into the Light. There is peace and serenity in the Light.”

  11. Troutwort says:

    Is that an aquamarine, or are you just…uh…happy to see me?

  12. Narci says:

    I blew the horn, I polished the helm, I even thrusted the spear, but enough is enough, Blizzard!