Corners of Azeroth I have loved

With little to do these days other than perhaps a dungeon or two and the round of dailies, Alas has been working on another favorite pastime: Achievement Whoring. Despite having had the Loremaster title since fairly early on in the Wrath expansion, I’ve been poking through all the new “old” content, redoing all the zones and scooping up more useless achievement points.

It’s been a fun exercise, seeing all the new quest lines or seeing old ones redone. It also definitely helps bring home how much work Blizzard really did put into this expansion, straightening things out from top to bottom.

Here are some favorites of mine that I have encountered along the way so far:

When I ran across this fellow in Ashenvale, I was immediately transfixed. I wondered, if he would speak to me, would he try to sell me fashionable tailored items? Or would it all be a load of BS?

This next series of shots had me immediately on Google chat to Zel. THERE IS A BEE PIT IN THE GAME! I announced. Sort of.

The beeeees! They sting!

I don't need no stinkin' water!

Between that quest and using rainbows to scare away imps, I got a few laughs out of Felwood.

I also got a laugh out of Sanath Lim-yo. His text reminded me irresistibly of Tam’s prettiest elf. Perhaps they are cousins?

Go fug yerself

At first, I was quite offended. But then I realized he might have a point.

Things I would never be caught dead wearing irl

But I must admit that my favorite thing about this expansion so far has been an NPC out in Twilight Highlands, by name of Lieutenant Emry. He is a blunt and murderous man, our Lieutenant. There was something about that which greatly appealed to Alas.

Oh, Emry, tell me again how you want to see those savages conquered!

Maybe it was the poetry of his words?

I fear Alas will spend many a day on that war-torn beach, hoping to catch the Lieutenant’s eye again.

What little corners of Azeroth have you delighted in lately?


Corners of Azeroth I have loved — 6 Comments

  1. Emry’s good, but I think Fargo Flinklocke takes the cake out in the Highlands.

    I also laugh at Budd just about every time we see him.

    While not new, it’s somewhat new for me…seeing Saurfang Jr. out in Nagrand. I never saw him before because you have to play Horde to get his quest. I’ve been meaning to make a post about it forever, but it keeps getting pushed to the back burner. But you can see that, even in BC, Metzen had a plan for him. And it’s kinda chilling to look at it in hindsight.

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  3. Ahahaha, Full Metal Jacket reference ftw :D

    In case you haven’t spotted it, the “…you will be a weapon. You will be a minister of death praying for war.” is said by Sgt Hartman near the beginning of the film.

    Sgt Hartman was played by Lee Ermey.

  4. What are you talking about? A pointy hat is all the rage!! Everyone should wear a pointy hat irl.. the matching.. bandana on your face just makes it even … nicer… (or is it just a huge collar, I honestly can’t tell)

    And an in-game bee pit is awesome. Now we just need to find a way to kite the idiots into it!

  5. I am actually starting to love questing in Tol Barad. It’s a challenge, which I cannot say for most level-appropriate zones, and there are about 30 different takes on a Castlevania-like theme.