The world gone mad

I believe I have mentioned here before that I really loath PvP. Like, with all the fire and passion of a billion exploding suns.

So it was, all in all, a really bad thing that I was idling around in Stormwind the other day, asking retarded questions such as “Where is the warrior trainer in this town again?” and “Why does it seem as though I haven’t trained in about two or three levels?”

The warrior trainer is, of course, over by the SI:7 jerks over in Old Town. Also over in that region is a certain Lieutenant Karter. Why the Lieutenant caught my eye, I’m not certain. Perhaps it was her fetching hair cut. Or maybe it was the way she sits there so proudly and with such dignity, on her highly attractive pony as if to say, “Yes, I am a bad ass.” ¬†Or maybe it was the fact that the text over her head identified her to me as a mount vendor and I’m sorta itching to try to get 100 mounts.

Either way, I ambled over and chatted her up. She has several very fine mounts for sale, all of which require no gold but which do require marks of honor.

So I eventually remember to look at what marks I currently have available to me on Alas and… and… I am close. I am nearly halfway there in terms of total mark cost for one pony. So, I reckon, I’ll just need to run the hell out of some battlegrounds and… and… wait…

Weren’t there some sort of changes mentioned about the mark system lately? Honestly, I just skimmed over PvP changes as I always do because I really can’t be bothered to give a rat’s drowned ass about any of it. Not Wintergrasp, not battlegrounds and certainly not arenas. Hell, I haven’t even seen the newest BG as of yet.

And yeah, right there. How about that. No more marks of honor will be rewarded come 3.3.3. Riiiiight. And those costs will be removed and replaced with something else, apparently. Well, ducky.

Again, being a willfully ignorant person when it comes to PvP, my best guess is that it’ll now cost honor points. Right? I mean, that makes sense, right?

I have to admit that wouldn’t be a completely terrible thing. After all, I wouldn’t be stuck playing capture the flag in Warsong Gulch, missing my little twinked out Warlock. I could simply go to Strand of the Ancients and hide out in the siege engines and cannons like the scared little clothie I am.

Either way, it looks like my stupid urge to gain useless achievement points has set me once again on the path of PvP. There are no words for how wrong that is.


The world gone mad — 1 Comment

  1. I've wondered why you've been pvping. I guess that explains it. I have thought about the pvp mounts, got the AV one on my rogue, but that's about as much pvp as I wanna do.