On gathering and ninjas, a rant

Dear WoW-playing community at large:

When I farm on my druid, I have to take a no-aggression stance with any mobs that might be nearby. After all, I am leveling her from 80-85 through farming and exploration XP, with only a few quests here and there. She’s pretty un-geared and there’s not a mob in Uldum who couldn’t tear her to shreds. So yeah, I’m usually doing a dance of landing far enough away from the mob to give it a quick moonfire and then root it in place away from whatever I am after so I can dodge around, get the herb or ore, shadowmeld and then be on my merry way.

That dance is not a fucking invitation for you to swoop in while I am otherwise occupied and snatch the goods right out from under my nose.

I don’t pull shit like that with you. If I see you fighting off a mob, your body protectively standing on top of that yellow dot on the minimap, I keep flying. Even if you have already sniped something from me and I feel you deserve to remember what that feels like, I keep flying.

Maybe I should try to scare you a bit. Give you all of the frustration of seeing someone come swooping in to take what you’ve just been fighting for and then not actually do it. I don’t know. I just don’t think that acting like a dick to a dick is going to make you change your dickish ways.

But you really should. Because no one likes you and you don’t even like people who evince the same poor qualities.

No fucking love and just a little bit of rage,



On gathering and ninjas, a rant — 14 Comments

  1. I’m with you, I hate that. though I’ll start taking nodes from people who have done the same to me. I’m not a very good person. Especially those sneaky shadowmelding rooting flight forming druids! Grr!

    The best is when you legitimately get to a node first, no mob fighting or unspoken territory rules, and people feel the need to whisper you hate speech. Really? 3 Cinderbloom is worth that much to people?

    I guess one thing I’m unclear on the etiquette – multiple skinners farming dead mobs killed by third parties. Think Tol Barad crocs or spiders. If you’re standing on a skinnable corpse that you didn’t personally kill, fighting respawn, is it still morally “yours” like an herb would be, or liable to be skinned out from under you? My gatherer is a class without a lot of escape tools, so I have to kill anything that aggros me.

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  3. I agree. When I see a node, and someone’s fighting mobs near, I’ll back off that node. I hate that when someone just swoops in when you’re obviously there to get that node, right after taking care of that darn mob.

    I’ve found, when I’m farming and someone is right with me, I’ll do a leapfrog of skipping every other node, so they have a shot, too. :)

  4. As a Tauren druid, I ALWAYS let someone else take a node if they got to it first, even if my fast herbing would have allowed me to ninja it. Really, why be a dick? There’s plenty of other herbs out there. Similarly, if I see someone fighting a mob near a node, I’ll hover around and wait to see if they’re actually a gatherer, or just happen to be questing in the area.

    That being said, I LOVE it when another herbalist tries to steal a herb I’m already gathering. Sucker, please. I’ll be at the next herb by the time you mount up again.

  5. I hate when that happens. A friend and I were discussing it the other day, because on her server (I’ve not seen it as much on mine, though I have seen it happen) they don’t just steal your node, they do /taunt or /spit on you as well. As if taking your node wasn’t enough…

    This is where I always get so angry. The whole “this is just a game”-excuse is such a poor one and being online or in a game doesn’t mean that people can act as total jerks. But obviously they didn’t get the memo…

  6. I admit I’ll node ninja people, but only certain people. Hordies to be exact. I kind of look at it as an extension of PvP, just instead of killing them I’m depriving them of desired resources.

    And yes, you could easily argue that doing that makes me a jerk and a bad member of the community at large, and you may not even necessarily be wrong, but that’s just my thoughts/feelings on it.

  7. I’ve spent a lot of time recently chasing people around Uldum who, because they’re druids and they don’t have to dismount/remount or because they have they’re tauren who herb faster always seem to get to the node just a little bit faster. I turn around and fly the other direction, but eventually I meet up with them again and it’s back to the neverending stream of “That is already being used.” It doesn’t bother me when it’s only occasional or for a few minutes, but when it goes on for hours, I begin to suspect the herbalist is mocking me.

    So the other day when I actually managed to get there first (legitimately – if he’d been there before me, I’d have kept going and tried to get the next one first) the druid landed, and had the GALL to whisper “WTF” at me. At which point I lost it and stood there LOLing into say for several minutes while he chewed me out for being a ninja.

    Neither of us were ninjaing, you hypercompetitive bird. :P

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  9. I see it as competition.

    I’m after nodes/skins so I’ll do my best to farm the most I can in the time allotted. I’ll generally only sink to ninja’ing nodes if they’ve done the same, it’s just not worth it chasing after a node if they are closer. I’ll gank and steal nodes from hordies incessantly of course. It’s a pvp server I’m on and it’s a legitimate way to improve my farming. I do have a paladin friend who likes to BoP people to prevent them from interacting with nodes if they start pissing him off.

    As a skinner what riles me is mobs I’ve killed being skinned by other skinners. Generally it’s obvious I’m skinning them and I think it’s just a dick move. I did have a rather amusing healer in my instance when levelling who after the first couple packs in GB had cleared up all the leather then rage quit when I took that as a sign he didn’t want to share and took just about every sunsequent skin. Oh, and worgens, damn dirty leather stealers.

  10. This is about the only thing that can make me (a grown man) go into a fuming rage fit.
    It can actually make me do very childsih things such as landing at a node, getting agro, wait for the retard to come to ninja me – BANG! shadowmeld muahahaha …

    Like skinning in TB:
    “I just killed it, I am standing on it, I have not looted it – now bugger off so I can get down to business!!!”
    Oh! People that do not loot crocs in TB I hate quite a bit too ^^

  11. Trazer – there should be a special kind of hell for people who don’t loot their skinnable mobs.

    Thinking about shadowmeld – there are a quite a few things you can do to prevent people pinching stuff while you’re fighting
    Hunters – FD or MD to pet
    Druids – Root, cyclone, hibernate

    Just to name a couple, I could go on and on but really if you’re closer and have a mob nearby theres a fair amount of shit you can do to hold the mob off while you grab the node.