A posse, I have one

With many thanks to Grimmtooth for the art and to the Effers pictured above for being generally awesome (which is not to say that those Effers who didn’t make it to the photoshoot are any less awesome).

There’s something about this picture that makes me really want to take ownership of that GM title. I feel, I dunno, something like a badass, seeing my character there ringed on every side with bristling menace. I love being able to look at this stylized representation of our characters and know at a glance who’s who.

We haven’t all been together very long, but the support and the camaraderie we have would make one think otherwise. I wasn’t ever sure I could feel at home in a guild that hadn’t been my place for the past several years, but I very much do. And I hope everyone else feels the same.

Guys, let’s go kill us some bosses tonight. We certainly look capable of mayhem and murder!


A posse, I have one — 12 Comments

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  2. We have some kickin symmetry in this picture. 2 draenei, 2 humans (other than alas), 2 night elves, 2 gnomes, 2 dwarves… and one worgen. >_>

  3. Outstanding, I love guild pics like this. I don’t know why, I think it’s just an cos it’s such a nice expression community and esprit de corps within a guild.

    Of course being a hardcore Darkspear, I think it needs more trolls XD

    • @Runzwithfire – /esprit de corps/ is the perfect expression for this image, thanks for giving word to my feelings. :)

      Also … troll abuse … not going there.

  4. Well come patch 4.1 there will be plenty of pics of us with trolls… mounds and mounds of troll corpses.