Still neurotic

Last night was a big night for Eff the Ineffable. We had an explosion of growth, although I can’t really speculate what it will mean for us in the long term. I am hesitant to write this post for several reasons. One is that it’s going to feel a bit like name dropping. Two is that – in all my neurosis – I fear some of it will sound like I am maybe patting my own back a little too hard. Three is that I really don’t know what sort of plans some of our new members have in mind.

Anyhow, yes, we saw some rapid growth last night. A few people have already blogged about this – which leads me to make the joke as an aside here that soon Eff the Ineffable will be talked about nearly as much as top raiding guilds just because of the sheer amount of bloggers in our ranks. And with all of the people who stopped by, I admit I am feeling just a tad overwhelmed. In a good way, but also in a way where I actually lost sleep last night because I freaked out just a little that people would be like, no, these Effers are not as awesome as they pretend to be, in fact they are dull and what a waste of time that was.

And the thing is, I’ve never really been a part of anything like this. My little guild, built out of the shared dreams of a handful of people, has suddenly become a miniature SAN, with a purpose beyond bloggers being able to talk to other bloggers.

Being the GM, I feel an odd sense of pride. I don’t for a single moment believe that my presence has much to do with some of the interest we’re drawing, but in a way, this guild is mine and if the gathering of so many smart and articulate and talented people means anything, I think it means we have something really great going on. And I am delighted and proud to be a part of it, never mind the nominal leader.

My excitement is tempered with knowing that for a lot of the people we have with us, it’s more of a casual and part-time basis. That’s fine and I have already enjoyed our guild chat so very much, although it is a little difficult to keep up with sometimes while also trying to run instances. If I am being honest, I could wish for more open declarations of a desire to raid with us, because it’s hard to see so much talent and ability and know that it may never go towards our raiding progression.

I’m not sure how to really close this post. I am excited to see these faces among us. I am having SQUEES of fangirlish delight. But I am also trying to keep my eyes on the reality of what the impacts will and won’t be.

In the meantime, I have some bags to craft for all these new people. Pardon me while I go nuke the crap out of humanoids.


Still neurotic — 25 Comments

  1. How awesome!

    If we didn’t have our own guild with its set of little bloggers I’d totally stop by but alas, the timing is wrong. Best of luck to all you guys!

    • Hehe, thanks! I admit I am curious about tonight and what sort of turn out we’ll have.

    • I thought I sounded more like a freak than I did happy. You know. Because I am a freak.

  2. Well, it took me a few weeks to finally pull the lever that ejected me out of one server onto yours, so I have no expectations of immediate action, anyway. Not to mention, as with myself, some if not all will have that gear grind to deal with. Hopefully we get some nibbles, and the guild is as helpful with them as they were to me. It surely made all the difference to know I was welcome like that.

    • This is true. I guess at some point I should really stop acting like these are roads I’ve never gone down before. I’m sure all the pressure is rather artificial, but it was just a lot to take in all at once.

  3. I didn’t join Eff last night, but that Night Elf Death Knight, Katelaira, who showed up on Monday night? That’s me. I rolled her mainly to participate in the hypothetical fishing jamboree, though, so she may not last very long after it happens.

    • The fishing jamboree is not hypothetical! I, uh, should probably put up some details about that, eh? SPOILER: It’s set for the 27th.

    • Strange and wonderful covers it quite nicely!

      A combo would be cool. Might have to expand my alt rolling on other servers at the very least.

  4. I have an alt over there already rolled hoping to join :) Can’t promise I’ll be a raider but I will help with fishing!

    • Awesome! Anyone should be able to invite. :) And I will so take the help with fishing, since as you can see from Zel there, my lot of regulars is horribly unenthusiastic about it.

  5. Wow I super-suck. Everyone from other servers wants to help with fishing and I’m like “eeew fishing EEEEW”. Worst. Guildie. Ever.

    • I hope the fabulous prizes and Jeopardy fun times will make up for the EWW of fishing.

  6. This is pretty damn cool, Alastriona.

    Once again, I haz a *jealous*. And a creeping desire to see if lowerping works EU>US.

    If only I could have the need for sleep completely removed … :)

    • Are we doomed to forever be jealous of the other?

      Give up sleep! Join the Yank side! It would be so terrible awesome and I am sure I would pretty much lose my mind with squeeing.

  7. Rumor has it you are running a home for wayward bloggers (or in my case hiatusing blogger).

    It also happens that I actually enjoy fishing.

    Looks like I’ll be rolling another alt…