A non-hypothetical fishing extravaganza

You’re invited!

WHO: You. Your mom. Your dog. I don’t care. Every little bit helps!

WHAT: An event that is part Jeopardy and part fishing.

WHERE: Azuremyst – US, in the oft-mentioned guild <Eff the Ineffable> (Alliance side, yo)

WHEN: Sunday, March 27. 6:00pm server time (PST)

HOW: Roll up an alt and ask anyone for an invite to the guild. It might be helpful to start a toon (I recommend DK’s) a little in advance of the event date so you are able to fish somewhere without getting your face nommed off by mobs. During the event, all participants will need to be in our vent (details to be shared in guild chat) and fishing from pools.

WHY: I can’t get my worthless, good-for-nothing raiders to help our fishing efforts out long enough to get the new seafood feast. I can throw gold and, for one person, a mini pet from the Blizzard store at people as prizes for a silly WoW-themed trivia night. Fishing is boring. Testing your nerdiness is not.

I would like to have an idea of the number of people planning on attending so I can arrange in advance to have more spots in Vent if needed. If you’re already in my guild and planning on coming, sign up on the new calendar event please. If you’re not over here but planning on stopping by for the event, please drop me a line here or via twitter or email.

And that’s all I have to say about that, other than to probably remind everyone as the event date grows nearer.


A non-hypothetical fishing extravaganza — 10 Comments

  1. As one of the aforementioned lazy good-for-nothing non-fishing raiders, we appreciate all the help we can get. So we can continue to be lazy.

  2. I know I should know this already (or stop being lazy and look it up), but that would be contrary to the spirit of the event.

    You might add which side (Alliance or Horde) in the WHERE line so those of us making new characters aren’t stuck having to speed level during the event. Thanks.

  3. Well I knew you were working on this event and I had been planning to help, but alas I will be in Las Vegas on that date. Bummer. But I hope you guys have fun and get the seafood feast. I’d like to say I’ll be thinking of you, but really I’ll be in Vegas so I won’t be thinking of you at all. :P

  4. Hello! Long time reader, first time poster. I have loved reading about your new guild – it seems like a great and wonderful adventure!

    I created a DK on Azuremyst (Jayse) and, if you have the room, I would love to attend the fishing extravaganza. :)

    • As far as I know, we do have the room! Feel free to hit anyone up for a guild invite any time and I look forward to meeting you in game!

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