Patch notes and how my alts suffer

Tuesday. Maintenance day. For bloggers, a day many aim for to have their best content ready to go, since their potential audience will also be unable to log in and will be forced to look for their entertainment from other sources.

Tuesday has me thinking about patch notes and how I have been shockingly out of touch with all the information that is likely to be had regarding the coming changes for 4.1. I’ve heard bits and pieces, of course. We’ll be killing trolls again soon. The cap on the number of dailies is going up while the gold gained is going down. Arcane and Fire mages are getting some love.

I’ve always been more likely to perk up and pay attention when I see something related to mages. Especially since these days I never even get close to topping the charts if a hunter happens to be around. And with two of them in my 10-man raid most nights, I’m usually bringing up the rear, which just makes me sad. We could use some love.

Other than those things, I couldn’t really say what this next patch is going to bring. I feel a few twinges of guilt about this, since y’know, I am a GM and sometimes Raid Leader. Shouldn’t I be up to speed? Does it really matter in the earlier stages when anything could change at any time? I always make sure to read things over on Patch Day at least.

Except I don’t. Despite having many alts to play, with nearly four of them at 85 and four others in the low 80’s, I never quite manage to read over the changes for other classes. For this expansion, I’ve decided to have my paladin be my second focus, with a prot main spec and a holy off spec.  The idea is that between two characters, I can bring anything to the table, and I should be able to adequately keep up with all the gear, gems and enchants if I limit it to only two. I tried three in Wrath, and was constantly embarrassed at the state of my priest’s gems and enchants – and she is my JC! Tragic.

Anyhow. The point is, I am not all that great at paying attention to changes for classes other than my main. Even paladin changes are a mystery to me at this point. I feel bad about it, but not enough to actually go look up the patch notes. After all, I figure I won’t be doing heroics on the paladin any time soon, let alone raiding. And if I run across something that puzzles me while questing, my source for paladin help sits in the next chair.

But sometimes my own ignorance niggles at me a little. Like with my warlock, who I rerolled half a million times and now have at level 13 or so. I don’t really have any idea what half of the stuff in her spellbook does. DoTs are obvious. This soul… burn thing. I have only a passing idea of the mechanics built into that, and at level 13 or so it doesn’t seem to matter that I am mostly clueless. Shit still dies too fast for my ignorance to hamper me.

So on my alts, I am terribly, horribly lazy. I admit it. I’m not proud of it, but I am also not very motivated to change my wicked ways.

What level of effort do you put into your alts?


Patch notes and how my alts suffer — 7 Comments

  1. I play them because they’re fun. If I don’t have all-star DPS on them in a dungeon run; so what? If they aren’t geared or gemmed or glyphed perfectly; so what?

    They’re alts for a reason and the impact of leaving them a little neglected should be minimal. So I wouldn’t fret too much.

    Your main, on the other hand…. ;)

  2. I love my alts, but how serious I am about them depends entirely on how stable my other play time is. Right now, I’m learning a new raiding character, so I haven’t been playing my alts much. I’m in the process of relearning my paladin, and am starting to feel like she could mess things up again.

    However, traditionally, I only keep 2 raiding alts. Everyone else is a leveler/dungeon runner, and that seems to work out fine for me :)

  3. I keep up on Feral changes, obviously. And I pay some attention to changes that might affect my alts (that I rarely get to play in groups and almost never in raids).

    There are some people who have the mental capacity to hold all the information about every class in their heads and keep up with the changes from patch to patch. I am definitely not one of them. And, like you, I sometimes feel this reflects poorly on my as a raid leader.

    I’m fortunate in that my guild has a lot of pretty good players across the spectrum of classes who do keep up on their “specialty” areas. If I see someone in one of my raids that seems to be struggling, I’ll usually send a tell to one of those other people and ask them to review what the struggling individual is doing and where they can improve.

    Delegation is a wonderful thing. :-)

  4. Lol, Alas, your approach to reading patch notes sounds about like mine. I really only care about what’s happening to Resto Shaman. I also look at what’s happening to Elemental Shaman because it’s Kamalia’s offspec. I pay attention to the Druid notes, too — at least the Balance and Resto ones — because of how my Druid was my raiding main all through ICC and will probably end up being a secondary raiding toon again if I ever manage to get her up to 85. But every other class? I don’t bother.

    None of those other toons will be doing anything more serious than questing and the occasional dungeon running for some really shiny piece of loot, and my attitude is that if I’m not *raiding* with that character, I don’t *need* to be up on all the latest news and opinions regarding spells, specs, and stats for that class. Sure, I like to have a general idea of what I should be doing, but I’m not going to put a lot of effort into perfecting it.

    Some of my alts get played so infrequently that three or four rounds of patch changes will have gone by since the last time I played with them. Because I have to learn how to play those classes all over again every time I play with those characters anyway, keeping up with the patch notes for those classes seems like it’s not really worth my time. :P

  5. Liek you, I keep trying to keep up with my alt’s changes (resto shaman in my case), but… eh. It’s not like she’d be useful in raids now (I’d swap my healer for… another healer?) and I’m bored of heroics, so I’ll probably just read a blog or ask someone for advice next time I decide I’m serious about her. Resto druid changes are enough for me at the moment, thankyouverymuch.

  6. About a week after a patch I look at EJ because generally they’ll have an updated cheat sheet for most class/specs but I don’t really bother now.

    I had 6 level 80 ones at the end of wrath mainly rolled due to boredom with the content. Given I quit the game for about 6 months I cut this down to what I could be bothered to play when I restarted. So I have my main that has gear that will work with all 3 specs and I tinker with the level 80s for proffesions to support this. I levelled a goblin and worgen just to see the content and will probably consider levelling the worgen once I get the barter discount with all of the caster heirlooms (chest, shoulders, cape, weapon, 2xtrinket, helm, ring).

    I can’t reallly be bothered to raid on any of them anymore but I’ll keep the main ready so I can if the mood takes me. Anything else I level is liable to be for the fun of it and the benefits of their profession or for another character to pvp on.

  7. This is probably something I shouldn’t admit in an open forum… I have 4 level 85s. All ilevel 346 or higher. All of them with a healer spec. My main is my priest (holy/shadow) who is my raider. Then I have a prot/holy paladin, a resto/elemental shaman, and a feral(kitty)/resto druid. All four characters are fully gemmed/enchanted and each one has been used to raid at this point.

    I really like healing (obvious, I guess). I’m also the healing lead for our raid. I make it a point to play all of the characters so I understand the nuances of each healing class. A lot of people can get away with reading up on other healing classes but I have a personal problem grasping application unless I’m doing it myself – so having these four characters really helps when I’m doing raid assignments or addressing healing issues.