Sanctioned whining? I’m in!

I hear we get to whine about stuff today and it’s sanctioned. Dude. I spent a whole year venting my spleen and pretty much no one appeared to care. But I was thinking things had been a little too sunshine and roses over here lately.

I hate roses.

I also hate it when people completely butcher names in WoW. Now, I’ve long since resigned myself to people getting my name wrong. But there is no excuse for some of the other nonsense I’ve heard over the years.

Now, I’m not talking about my delightful French-Canadians and their delightful accents, lending an exotic air to things like “ASAP,” no. I am talking about people who are apparently so terribly bad at reading and knowing the rules of their own damn first language that they are constantly butchering simple things like “Shattrath” or “Dalaran” or “Illidan.”

Serious. How goddamn hard is any of that to look at and get right? Yet I have heard them pronounced “Shatt-ra” “Da-lore-an” and “Ill-add-in” respectively.

Don’t even get me started on the Draenei. There is no excuse. There is even a joke about it.

Why does everyone have trouble with the name of our people? It sounds just like it is spelled.

Next thing you know, I’m going to have to start educating people on how to pronounce the name of my new character. I’ve already had several people mangle it. Seriously. What is so hard about Kyiqtlbxs?


Sanctioned whining? I’m in! — 19 Comments

  1. I have had someone argue with me that Shattrath was pronounced Shathra. Had it not been a friend, I would have sworn it to be a troll. As for Draenei, I took Latin in HS so I’m torn on how it should sound. Some people say it Dray-nay (which sounds kinda dumb), while I’ve always leaned toward Dry-nay-ee. I say my own name Fin-nay-ee, so it lines up at least. Any official ruling from someone would help.

  2. The way you wrote the pronounciation of Illidan made me think of Aladdin *lol*

    It’s really difficult to know how some names were meant to sound I think without hearing people who made them pronounce them.

    I know some people see my warlock’s name Démonique and say demonic.. while it’s meant to be more like the name Dominique (but with demon!)

    • Yes, it sounds very similar to Aladdin. For those people, I want to start pointing out that voidwalkers are not genies!

  3. kick – til – bicks?

    That’s my best guess! Though the whole point of your article I agree with whole-heartidly. I swear every time I heard someone pronounce Saurfang “sour-fang” I died a little on the inside.

    • Oh yeah, Saurfang is another good one. I would deliberately called him “Sour fang” and then make cracks about his bad breath, though. Because I’m a dork.

      I don’t think my random collection of letters has a proper pronunciation and as I do not have a character named that (looks like goldseller territory to me), I’m more than happy to go along with your interpretation. Either that or insist it’s pronounced “Bob.”

  4. Finn. Are you sure it wasn’t Pig Latin you took? :p

    Draenei = Drayn ay – if you listen to the Squidface introduction when you roll a new character I’m fairly certain the narrator pronounces it the same way.

    Maybe it’s the way you’re writing that and your own name but it seems like you’re adding extra syllables. Dammit I wish I knew how to write phonetically.

    Jenn – Shattrath = Shat wrath although it should be properly called Shitrack like the dirty cirty it is.

  5. It’s funny about pronunciations of made-up words. I’d have never said it Shat-wrath. Or maybe I do say it like that in my head except I’m bad at transliterating? My Saurfang is definitely Sour-fang :D When it comes to non-English words I just default to my native pronunciation, which is phonetic and in which ‘s-a-u-r’ is *not* ‘s-o-r
    ‘. As an EU player, I’m used to everything being pronounced funny :P Hell, even our Brits can’t agree on how to say melee!

    (Sorry Alas, I’m a total language nerd.)

    • I <3 language nerds.

      At was telling me that in Russian they don't have a 'th' dipthong sound when I was boggling at how anyone could simply drop two letters off the end of a word. Of course, this was meant to be a silly complaint post, and I ultimately don't really care how people decide to pronounce words that are, as you say, made up. But I'd really only given a passing amount of thought to how one's first language might influence how they pronounced things. I was like, eh, Blizzard is an American company so it stands to reason that American English rules of pronunciation can be applied. Since the extent of my other languages is a bit of Spanish and then some curse words in a smattering of other languages, I failed to remember just how wildly different another person's language base might be.

      • Haha, oh my God, I never realized the ‘th’ at the end of Shattrath was supposed to be… heard :D (I think I went through half of TBC without even realizing it’s ShattraTh.) I feel so much smarter now!

        (Romanian doesn’t have a ‘th’ either so it’s tricky for us… I usually try to say it [it comes out d or z or t], but it looks like I don’t even notice it in fantasy words.)

        *more nerding*

  6. I use to run with this group who called them Dranalli, and called Zangermarsh – Zulamarsh, my friend and I had no idea why but for over a year in BC thats what these guys called them. Still blows my mind. My friend even created a toon called Dranalli just for fun, and we still laugh about it.

    • Wow. I would have been hard pressed not to ask just where they were coming up with all those extra l’s. And where they were losing the other letters that were there. That’s really too funny!

  7. “Blizzard is an American company so it stands to reason that American English rules of pronunciation can be applied”

    To be honest I wish they’d translate American English over to English too. I’m a bit of a language snob and every time I hear an American say “Herbs” as “erbs” i want to punch something.

    Different nationalities’ english pronounciation is always interesting. I tend to find a lot of scandinavions cannot pronounce soft “g”s and also confuse “v”s and “w”s. What tickles me is that in general their written English is far superior to most of the British players I play with.

    What really grinds my gears is the fucking terrible representation of a Scottish accent that the Dwarves in Cata seem to be sporting. Beginning TH on an alt I had to go in and disable the sound as I couldn’t take it any longer.

    • I take it the h in herbs isn’t silent outside of America? Interesting. I recall being mocked for not pronouncing it “erbs.”

      I’ll have to form an opinion on the dorf’s accents some time. I’ve heard plenty of people complain about the terribad Gilnean accent, but as I never play with game sounds turned on, I’m totally in the dark on both.

  8. Its the silly little idiosyncrasies both versions have. Americans made some very good changes to make words easier to spell and then they go and change Herbs.

    Given I’m Scottish and I live near London I’m exposed to both the real accents a fair amount and although dorfs annoy the hell out of me, gilnean doesn’t probably because it’s not as close to my heart as Scottish. Also, Wolfmen in Top Hats!