Hitting 85, let me count the ways

I had my fourth character hit 85 today. It occured to me as I worked towards it, that all four of my 85’s have reached that level in different ways. Alas was a combination of questing and dungeon running. She finished out every zone and ran every dungeon.

My hunter got there only through solo questing.

The druid farmed herbs and ore on her way from 80-85, only doing a handful of quests here and there as I sought to open portals between SW and the zone I intended to farm in. She hit 85 while picking Cinderbloom out in Uldum.

Today it was my paladin’s turn. While she has mostly quested her way up, I admit I am already somewhat bored with the questing content. So for the last bit, I turned my attention to archaeology, flying from point to point and paying more attention to my feed reader and my email and my writing. Nevertheless, despite my¬†lackadaisical¬†ways, she dug up some old Dorfish pot and hit the cap.

With four more 80’s in various stages on Azuremyst and my neglected horde priest and warlock also sitting at 80 on my other server, I am wondering whether I can come up with other ways to hit the level cap. I suppose PVP is a route that’s open to me, but I cannot begin to determine which character I would take through that torture. Perhaps the DK?

And maybe I’ll let the poor Alliance priest level only in SW, doing her JC daily and the fishing and cooking dailies. It could be an odd sort of challenge.

How do you other alt-mad people prefer to break up the tedium?


Hitting 85, let me count the ways — 8 Comments

  1. My druid hit 80 back in Wrath by doing the quest to visit the candy bucket in Shattrath, which also earned him the Candies of Outlands, Candies of Azeroth, and Hallowed Be Thy Name achievements. The guild chat had never seen such an onslaught of achievement spam! ;D

  2. We very carefully planned what zones to do on our mains and ended up with Vashjr and Twilight Highlands largely untouched. That helped a lot. I leveled my mage with archeology and the paladin I’m doing now largely by only doing a few quests every other week. Dungeon running is probably viable but 84-85 would take a lot of dungeons…

  3. I pretty much stick just to questing when leveling characters. I have 4 85s now, as well. All of them quested to the cap (along with incidental gathering). There’s 2 things that keep it interesting for me:

    1) The differing playstyles. Feral, Enhancement, Shadow, and Beast Mastery all play very differently. What’s a hopeless situation for one can be a breeze for another. It’s fun for me to play around with things and see what each is capable of.

    2) I love the lore, but it can sometimes take a while for my mind to connect all the dots, especially when those dots span multiple zones. Going through the quests over and over helps me make those connections.

  4. I like gathering/archeology, that way, I get more gold when I go back and do the quests!

  5. I like to roleplay my alts! Now, I don’t mean, “I put on my robe and wizard hat.” I give them each a different personality quirk in addition to the planned zones and progression paths. It’s a strange way to go about it but I came about this kind of play while playing games like Oblivion and Fallout.

    An example… when leveling my priest (my main) it was all about epic quest chains. I battled Ragnaros with Hamuul and Malfurion. I rebuilt the World Pillar. I saved Boba Fett from the Sarlacc.

    When leveling my paladin she insisted on ganking EVERY alliance in her sight. Call it an abusive form of A.D.D. I’m not a pvper (at all) so this provided an extra world quirk along my adventures.

    My druid, being a stealthy kitty while leveling, enjoyed doing anything and everything that led her into a cave. Quest chains that led me to caves and dungeons were my highlight. Oh, and let’s not forget the frequent flower that insisted I pick it. (Tauren + Flight Form == broken)

  6. If I get bored I turn off the game :p

    I’d definitley advocate world pvp however, if you want to make things interesting. When I level my rogue, anything that’s red and within 6levels is fair game. Of course it is cheating slightly when your rogue is more or less full heirlooms.