Massive overhaul was massive

Oh hai, everyone.

This post is mostly to let everyone know that I put in a grueling several hours of pestering Zel and have come out the other side with an updated look for this site. Some favors I would ask of you:

Please poke around and let me know if anything makes you want to throw up because of something to do with the style. If my words make you want to throw up, that’s another kettle of fish.

Please check my sidebar as I have done a major overhaul of my blogroll. If I am missing you or you don’t like where you ended up, let me know. I’ll take all requests under advisement. (The blogroll should stay better updated in the future as well. Because of Ano’s internet magics.)

For anyone who is curious, I settled with WordPress Weaver as my theme. It’s very customizable and so easy even I could mostly figure it out on my own. I also got some odds and ends sorted out, so people should be able to subscribe to comments and that sort of thing now.

Like I said, let me know if anything looks wrong.



Massive overhaul was massive — 12 Comments

  1. “… I put in a grueling several hours of pestering Zel …”

    You were born to be management, obviously.

    On other fronts, I like the new look. I prefer black on white print because, well, paper.

    Maybe now the notify by email feature will work too? Here’s hoping!

    :: click ::

  2. Zel! Why did you make Alas and me overhaul to the same theme in the same week! This is guildie blogger sabotage!

    Kidding, it looks nice Alas. :P

  3. 2010 Weaver is my new secret pleasure where it comes to blogs. I think by now I’ve updated every blog I own to use it *lol* It’s just so easy to deal with and good to configure.

    Love the new look!