Ramblings of a rabid altoholic

With quite a bit of free time on my hands during the day, I’ve been alting around rather a lot. Alas 2.0 is now level 55 and – despite the changes to old Azeroth, I still don’t much care for the levels that come between 50-60.

And I’m dreading seeing Hellfire once again. Maybe I’ll just keep the hat I’m wearing now and and avoid seeing it at all.

Justice is blind. So is this space goat who will set you on fire.

Being a mage has slightly improved since the last time I complained about it. I have more AoE now and have finally managed to stop making sweet love to the bottom of the Recount meter in my dungeon pugs. Still, I am looking forward to being 60 and rounding a few more core abilities. And flying. God, you get to flap around EK and Kal on 10 characters and it suddenly becomes onerous to travel on foot.

When I’m not setting things on fire and keeping a wary out for anything that might gank me, I am spending time on my Worgen rogue, Alack, keeping a wary eye out for anything that might gank me.

These eyes, they are wary

This is silly as Alack is on my home server and pee vee pee is just not done there. Several days of being rather jumpy on Alas 2.0 seems to have convinced me that I am always in mortal danger if I am on a lowbie.

All in all, I am really enjoying the rogue for a variety of reasons. Since I am finally solo-questing, I can sap and pickpocket as much as I like. And I do like very much. Before, I was always with At and he would never give me the chance to sneak around at all before he started killing everything in sight. Hunters and paladins are so annoying that way.

Being decked out in heirlooms and ridiculously efficient at killing things, the leveling is going rather quickly.

I don’t care for Running Wild, I have to say. It’s awkward as hell and the way her weapons bounce around in the animation make me wince with my imaginings of the bruises that would get left behind from that sort of activity. It’s a litany in my head whenever I see it: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

Sometimes I stick her in her human form and ride around on a sparkle pony just so I don’t have to think about it.

I just hate thinking. Don’t you?


Ramblings of a rabid altoholic — 5 Comments

  1. I have to admit I don’t really like the Worgens. Their running looks so strange and the sniffing in the air creeps me out *lol* Also not too fond of their casting animations – I think they look better in melee but I made the mistake of making a Druid.. At least I can spend most of the time in a form!

    • I deleted my worgen warlock because I hated a worgen in a dress. So I get what you’re saying. They certainly do better as melee, in my opinion.

      So far, I’ve managed not to really be bothered by the sniffing. I suspect that’s because I never really run with in-game sounds turned on.