Thanks for all the fish!

Last night was the fishing extravaganza. At the outset, I was nervous as hell, mostly because I was worried the format wouldn’t work out very well, or that the questions would be either too easy or too hard or that only five people would actually show up. Worse yet, what if dozens of people showed up and hated it?

Things started off slightly south. As in At and I were late because it’s really hard to cook burgers on a grill that needs more gas.

But we logged on, made our apologies and then waited a bit as other people trickled in a few at a time. Vent gave some people some issues over the course of the night, but I feel it was mostly smooth sailing from there.

The short version of the night’s event was that the trivia lasted from somewhere around 4,500 fish, all the way up to a bit over 9,000. And so many people were so kind, that they stuck around and chatted and fished up the last several hundred, netting Eff the Ineffable the achievement.

Without further ado, I would like to thank everyone who came and helped. (Forgive me if I miss anyone. There were a lot of you and not everyone was active in the trivia portion.) In no particular order, thanks to:

And any other guildies who might have been fishing unbeknown to me as well as anyone else I missed just because you stayed pretty quiet. I don’t mean to insult anyone by leaving their name out, so let me know if I missed you and I’ll fix it.

Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

And again, if anyone out there wants my trivia boards, just let me know and I’ll email it to you. For now, I am off to my first day of work.




Thanks for all the fish! — 7 Comments

  1. o/

    I hate fishing (both in game and IRL) with a passion so forgive me for…forgetting about this entirely, but I shall make cheer mans at you to celebrate your acheesement.

    o/ o/

  2. Thanks for putting the Jeopardy event on. It certaily made the monotony of fishing a lot more enjoyable.

    Also, thanks for not instantly /gkick’ing me when I started with the jackassery. :)

  3. You mean someone actually came up with a way to make fishing less droll and boring (and no, Blizzard, I’m not talking about a new fish icon, fercryininthesand)? Kudos!

  4. Sorry I had to bail after only 1 1/2 hours, I had a domestic emergency (non-life threatening). Glad we got to 10K! I had fun just listening to “Jeopardy” in Vent. A fun idea, well executed!

  5. I wasn’t able to get my vent to work so I could talk, but I did get a bit of fishing in. I even got the scavenger achievement on my Shammy. I did get to listen though and it sounded like a good time by all. Congrats Effers!!