Let me tell you the problem with this

Disclaimer: this is a real life rant. If you don’t give a rat’s ass about my real life, feel free to move along. If you like it when I claim to be miserable, read on.

So. Temping.

It sucks. I think it must suck even for people who like variety and meeting other people. Well, I am not a fan of meeting other people and I have yet to believe that a variety of businesses or assignments means actual variety in work done.

The thing is, businesses are not likely to be able to afford to spend a whole lot of effort in training someone who will be around for anything from a few days to several months and then gone again. So if they need to hire a temp, chances are pretty good that they are merely looking to unload the shittiest of the shit work. That crap no one wants to do but it has to be done.

Today, I collated papers by hand. Copied down a 5-digit number. Removed staples and paper clips. And then I somehow managed to retain enough brain cells to rub together to use the scanner properly. So that I could scan all these printed-out copies of emails (I KNOW IT MAKES NO SENSE BUT THAT’S WHAT I WAS DOING) and then enter in that same 5-digit number again so that the electronic file could be looked up by file number.


And as if the work itself was not mind-numbingly horrific enough, I was then patronized by a 50-something year old woman who was just so glad I did “have some skills” and wasn’t I “clever, for figuring out that an electronic file could be deleted by pushing the delete key.”

Head. Desk.

I’m not temping because I’m too stupid to do your job, lady. I’m temping because this is a shit economy and work is difficult to find.

Anyhow, to bring this around to something that resembles a point, I am so utterly fried from my day that I am somewhat surprised to have contrived to write this much of a post. I don’t have any intentions of even logging into WoW. Because I am ready for bed. Now.

All of which is to say that we will more than likely be content-light around here for the foreseeable future. If it’s this difficult to string semi-coherent thoughts together after only one day of doing blisteringly stupid work and then being applauded for dancing so well, little temp monkey! – well, I don’t want to know what manner of gibberish I would come up with by the end of the week.


Let me tell you the problem with this — 6 Comments

  1. Oh gosh, have I been there before. Temp work is the pits. Hopefully your interview went well and you won’t be having to do it for long!


  2. The only way this could have been more perfect (in the ironic sense) is if you were then required to scan said emails into PDF documents and then email them to the original recipients, with five-digit numbers superimposed, of course.

    Why, yes, I have spent the last 20 years of my life in a corporate environment, why do you ask?

  3. Hmmm…I guess I will have to differ in voice here – personally I am glad for all my time spent on temp jobs when I was younger, and all the so-called ‘lowly’ or ‘brainless work’ I’ve done, because it’s given me so much insight and also respect for people who have to do this every day for the rest of their lives. there’s nothing lowly or shameful in simple work and yes it can be draining and intellectually frustrating, but it can teach you other things, too. I have never treated shop keepers, assistant or service people of any kind (you name it) the same, after doing their work myself for a couple of months. and I take pride in everything I get to do at my new job, be it accounting or translation work nobody else here can do, or just filing and re-filling paper clips because nobody else will.

    So to summarize – I feel with you, but one day you might look back and consider the experience in a different light (yeah, crappy consolation right now, I know). :)

  4. Because many of us have done the ugly tasks in the past, are we quicker to condemn those that can’t seem to manage them? Perhaps they’ve seen too many temps come through and fail to manage a scanner that it IS a surprise when someone competent arrives? I hope I wouldn’t sound as condescending, but I’m afraid the surprise sometimes shows through.

    Like a mother forgetting the pain of child birth, I don’t remember much about how I felt when I served my time as a drone. Actually, maybe some of us have higher tolerance for the work? We didn’t enjoy it, but it didn’t generate in us the same misery in, alas, Poor Alas.

  5. Don’t they let you use headphones at work? We do, mostly because it allows us to concentrate better and our higher ups like that.