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Don’t you tell me to shut up about temping. I blog about what is, and what is right now is the reality of my making a partial reentry to the work force after being deliciously unencumbered by the 9-5 since the beginning of the year.

Ahem. Anyhow. I decided to show off a bit on Day Two of temping, temp monkey boogaloo. If I might toot my own horn for just a moment, I have an “ability” that I am coming to realize as being something that not everyone has. I never thought it was special before and I don’t think it’s particularly amazing even now. But not everyone can do it and I therefore have a slight edge.

In the books, it’s always, “I had only to tell him a thing once and it was his,” in reference to people who are good with the learning. I might require two or three tellings for more complex tasks, but for the most part, if you explain a sequence to me once, I can recall it and understand it and put it into motion. Especially when it comes to office work because, let’s face it, a lot of that is super simple anyhow, particularly if one is comfortable with computers and software.

Anyhow, I decided to show off just a little bit today. That crap I collated for scanning and then scanned? Phase three of Most Pointless Workflow Evar was to make sure it had scanned correctly and could be identified with the appropriate file name. So I started the process logged into Kooky McRacistPant’s profile and got to work. Partway through, one of the IT guys managed to roust himself from wherever in the basement they are kept, and wandered up to get me set up on my own profile.

Kooky McRacistPants bustled over to help me get my profile set up correctly, but not before I did it my own damn self because A. Duh and B. I pay attention. Also, duh. Shortly thereafter Kooky was attempting to suss out my longterm employment plans. Did I want to keep temping forever (oh fuck no), was I applying elsewhere currently (you bet yer racist pants I am!) and would I stay forever? (Ummm, no)

I proceeded to spend the rest of the day working through a three foot tall stack of papers. I’d guess I am about halfway through. The thing that burns me is that Kooky spends pretty much all day not working. Instead, she gossips about the office, worries over some neighbor’s dog who hasn’t taken a crap recently, calls vets on behalf of said neighbor’s dog, tells the rest of the office how concerned she is about the dog and then spends the rest of her time talking either about how she feels about people from out of state or who are Native Americans (both are ignorant, violent and frightening) or she talks about how she has the work of three people to do and just can’t seem to get ahead.

Fuck that, Kooky.

The sad thing is that she attempts to sabotage my workflow. Perhaps she is worried I will make her look really bad since I, y’know, get shit done? Whenever I have managed to dig into a project, she’ll swing by to “check on me” and ask if I wouldn’t rather be doing something else. Or something else will suddenly be a big priority.

And maybe it works for some people to cycle between tasks to break up the monotony. I mean, when you get sick of watching paint dry maybe watching grass grow is a nice break. But for me, I prefer to stay on task with small, self-created (Twitter, Google chat, reading a blog) interruptions.

All of which will bring me up to what I had intended this post to be: How skills learned in WoW are helping me survive the joys of temping. But this is already a wall of text and too far gone from my original intent. So consider this needless background for tomorrow’s post and if you made it this far, thanks for reading my QQ about this very silly job.

Writing is so cathartic.


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  1. I kinda feel sorry for you, I can’t imagine working in an environment like that – it would kind of suck arse. But big woots for kicking butt and totally owning the workflow XD

  2. Writing guild apps and helping randoms with guild apps has helped me a lot recently.

    I work in the City of London for a company which, without giving much away, is a pariah of the business community at the moment. As part of a cost cutting exercise they’ve just moved my job 250 miles away and split our area up. Which basically means if I dont find a new role I’m redundant. I’m not going to whine, others have it far worse than I and at least I have time to find something. Considering I was already seeking my next role it’s actually just given me a kick up the arse.

    How do the two relate? I understand a lot better what an employer is looking for and I tailor my CV to fit. WoW was only a beginning step to that understanding but it helped at least.

    Sucks to be looking for a job in this climate anyway. Good luck to you Alas.

  3. If we had a temp working in our office right now, I’d ask if you were working here. Kooky sounds EXACTLY like my co-worker (so help me, she was just complaining she has three jobs worth of work and is only paid for one… while talking on the phone… to her neighbor… and painting her nails.)