KSK: A how-to in painstaking and tedious detail

So, this will be a new experience for me. I am actually sitting down to write a serious business guide to an addon. I never would have thought this up on my own, so if you hate this post, blame Grimmtooth and Rhii.

Our guild uses Suicide Kings for loot because it’s simple when using a good addon and a pretty fair system overall. As with any addon, the first thing you have to do is go download the right one. Of the two I have tried, I prefer KonferSK.

Once you have it loaded, the first thing you’re going to want to do is type /ksk createconfig [configname here]. I named my configuration Effers.

Then you’ll type /ksk to open up the menu. The first tab I like to start with is the Users tab, where it is easiest to simply do a Guild Import. Clicking on the Guild Import button will bring up a menu to choose which ranks from your guild you want to import (see top right of the image below).

Once all the players have been imported you can start to go through and get everyone properly sorted and organized. This is the biggest part of getting the initial setup out of the way. Done correctly, it makes everything run smoothly. Let’s take a tour of the various options.

I've used my mad gimp skillz to get all the info in one picture

User Roles come in several flavors: Healer, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Spellcaster and Tank. Personally, I might set each person their User Role to what they typically play, but I’ve never yet made any calls about loot usage in the manner that the tooltip suggests one might. It might be different for other guilds, but I find that if something is genuinely better for a healer than it is for a spellcaster, our spellcasters aren’t likely to suicide over it. When we get to the Loot tab, I’ll point out the options there that can tie in with User Role Settings.

If you know someone is an Enchanter, I strongly encourage you to go ahead and check that box. There is an extremely handy option that you can tie in with Enchanters over on the Configuration tab.

The alt option is fairly straightforward and can be useful if your raid does have a few people who are consistently swapping which toon they are raiding on. If you have any alts, be sure to associate them with their mains so that you can implement tethering on the Config screen.

Frozen users and users exempt from decay are linked notions. No one on my lists are ever exempt from decay because I obviously want to award people who have better attendance. Likewise, I’ve never frozen anyone. The decay rate is pretty slow and with a small roster of even semi-regular raiders not likely to be┬ánoticeable.

Making a New List

Once you have all your users sorted and┬álabeled, you’ll want to put them into a list. To do that, you’ll go to the ‘Lists’ tab on the bottom and then click on the Config tab at the top of the Lists page. From there, hit the Create button to make a new list.

When I am creating a list for the first time, I like to have the Insert Randomly box checked. I believe if it is not done randomly, it’ll just go in alphabetically. If you are importing several guild ranks (ie: Officers and Veterans), you’ll have to import each rank separately. It’s just a few mouse clicks, so this is no big deal.

Clicking on the Members tab at the top will show you your list and the order in which people show up. You can also tell at a glance who is marked as an Enchanter. Typically, if I have to add a new raider into a existing list, I do it from this tab, by clicking the Insert button there in the top right. You have the option there to insert the new person randomly. However, adding this person non-randomly will place them at the bottom of the list where they belong because they haven’t earned their spot near the top yet.

Final step before loots: Setting your preferences

This bit is really going to be all about your preferences and the way you like to handle your loot. Again, here’s a nickle tour of what you have (as a note, when I shared Admin rights with Rhii and she did Loot Master duties, these settings did not appear to transfer so each loot master should have some ability to set up these options according to their personal preference):

The highlights. Checking the very top box means that when an item that requires the loot master to distribute it comes up, you will get the screen popping up automatically. This can be a pain if your raiders are eager beavers and loot while fighting, so either don’t check this box or threaten to kill anyone who is looting early. Your choice.

When distributing loot, you have a whole range of options to choose from. Those are awfully self-explanatory, so I am not going to cover what it means to select “Announce winners in guild chat.” Incidentally, that is the only option that does not come pre-selected for you, so you decide how much you want to spam whom and go for it from there.

Obviously, if you have multiple lists, you will want to have your default list selected here. Otherwise when you are distributing loot and your default is some list that doesn’t get used much (ie, a remnant from Wrath lists or whatever) you will be swearing about having to change it every time. Don’t swear if you don’t have to.

I don’t use guild rank filters. It’s my opinion that even if I had officers they are not instantly worth more to the raid team and they would not get first crack at the loot. That’s lame.

Moving on, I prefer to hide anyone who is not actively in the raid just because it’s less clutter to sort through. Sure, they are greyed out when not there. But it’s even nicer when they just don’t exist.

The next one is an absolute must in my opinion. When someone wins a bid, you shouldn’t have to manually give them the loot. Especially since loot is tradeable now. Just let ksk pop it in their bags.

Similarly, when you set a threshold and you get loot that is below that threshold (so, greens for us. If we won a blue I would have to give it to someone specifically), if you have the Auto-disenchant box checked, all you need to do is click on a body (as loot master, doesn’t work for some random schmuck to click on it) and it will automagically give that green to someone who is marked as an enchanter.

In my last and biggest square, if you open an item for bid and no one wants it for their main spec because that helm has dropped four times already, seriously, can we see something new already you damn Omno’s? – depending on what you have checked here will determine the flow of the loot. If you have everything checked the way I do, anything that is opened for bid and then closed will automatically go to open roll. We do open rolls for off spec, because I’m not going to make anyone suicide for that and I would rather see some use than a shard.

People then have the option to roll (more on setting this up in a moment). If no one wants it, then it goes to an enchanter for DE. Automagically. The way we like it.

The last box is BoE specific. I know guilds will have a variety of ways to handle BoE epics. I allow people in the raid when it drops to suicide for the item if they like. If no one bids, it goes to my bags and is subsequently sold (either on the AH or for 1/2 AH prices in guild) with proceeds going to guild repair funds.

Setting up roll timers and other admins

The other two options under the config tab are rolls and admin. Both are simple, so the high overview of the control panes is like this:

The two slide bars on the roll pane are where you get to choose how long people have to make up their damn minds about whether or not they want to roll on an off spec item. The roll time out extension is how long the clock will extend if someone does roll. I like to try to keep both of these short because time is money.

On the admin tab, you can do two important things: Add other people to be admins of your list(s) so that you can take a break from being loot master once in a while and, if you allow people to raid with alts, you can tether their alts to their mains so that if one gets suicided they both do. I do not have this checked because I do not believe in letting alts raid progression content.

Now, you finally have everything set up and ready to go the way you want it. Let’s take a look at the loot distribution pane, shall we?

Handing out the loots, what we’re really here for

Here is what the loot pane looks like without any loot actually being selected. This is the screen that will pop up for me any time I am loot master and a rare or greater is looted. If you choose to run multiple lists, you’ll want to make certain the list you want is the one selected.

Once I have selected an item, my options will become available. Here, I have opened bids on the Leggings of Lethal Force.

No one wanted them for main spec, so I went to open roll for off spec. No one ended up wanting them even for that, so I got a message at the end of 15 seconds saying they went to Gnoble.

When I next opened bids on the Scorched Wormling Vest, some random guy named Kotak bid on them. I got a message down in my chat pane, but you can also see where his name showed up in the bottom box of the loot pane.

Other notes on the loot pane

Occasionally, someone will bid without meaning to or KSK will get into a temporary snit and then I will have to make some manual changes. Had Kotak wanted to reverse bidding, I would have had to click on his name and then hit the Force Retract button. Pretending for a moment that we had another person in the raid who wanted that loot but the bid wasn’t being accepted by KSK, I would have to select their name in the list on the left and force a bid for them. As loot master, if I ever want to bid on something myself, I click the Bid button at the top.

For people who want to get more into depth with who is able to roll on which items, there are various filters that can be set here. There are also options in the Item Editor pane, but I can’t help there since I have scarcely looked at it.

The history tab at the top will provide history on what dropped and who got it – and under which circumstances. We had a sync not happen recently and there was some dispute over who should be at the top of the list. My history didn’t show the win that should have suicided someone though, so I had to check with person who had been loot master for that night to untangle what had happened!

Summary! The end! It’s all over!

Overall, I like the Suicide Kings loot system and I like KSK as an addon for managing it. If anyone made it this far without lapsing into a coma, I hope you found the information helpful!


KSK: A how-to in painstaking and tedious detail — 12 Comments

  1. Nice walkthrough! I’ve always considered being the Loot Master as kinda scary, but this addon takes a lot of that out of it since it enforces (mostly) a consistent looting policy. It does a pretty good job of avoiding loot drama. Obviously, loot drama will find a way, like the damned dinos in Jurassic Park. But even in that case, it was a matter of resync and move on.

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  4. You left out the most confusing and important part! >> How to sync it when you’re done so all possible loot masters have the most up to date version of the list. Your co-admins are apparently a pile of dunces who can’t figure it out without a written guide.

    (We ran into this after Gnoble master looted on Tuesday in your absence)

    • I’ll have to maybe write an addendum following figuring out why it wouldn’t sync correctly for you guys. I honestly just smash all the buttons and it seems to work.

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