Today’s fake post

Want to make me squirm?

Like bossing people around?

Have I got a deal for you! I’m obviously flailing for content (though I do have a serious business post in the works) while I try to adjust to this whole employment thing in a place where they can and do monitor everything you do on your computer. Coming home all zombie-like isn’t helping matters.

So I thought perhaps I could see what sort of mess I could get myself into by extending an offer to let people suggest to me any topic and I will attempt to make a post of it and make it relate to WoW. It’s something I claim to be able to do, so it could be fun to try to put my money where my mouth is.

I’m not keen on the notion of using anything thoroughly crude, but the fun of this should be that I won’t have to filter out many suggestions.

Hit me with your pet shark. Or something.


Today’s fake post — 5 Comments

  1. Proper etiquette for interacting with strangers which share a common goal.

    You encounter new people in school, work, the bus, the store, the library, etc every day and often you are required to work with these strangers to meet a goal. For example, I was at a mall that isn’t my usual mall. The maps were so confusing and I was really trying to find a particular store. I stopped a passerby and asked if they could assist me. It took three tries but finally someone was able to assist. Of those three people I had a simple, “I don’t know,” I had a, “Haha, go away,” and I had a, “Sure, I can help.” In relation to WoW I find many of those responses similar to a “fresh” player to the dungeon (or heroic) scene. Sadly, the response is often a, “Haha, go away.”

    It would be neat to see your perspective on how to properly approach strangers with a similar goal and what proper manners should be engaged. Thanks. :)