Things I am doing

I don’t know why I feel the need to explain my lack of presence around here lately. I suppose I feel guilty for not making much of an effort to reply to comments. Anyhow, I am quite busy and with more than just a shitty temp job and a commute that can be anything from peaceful (when no one sits on me and I can write) to an exercise in restraint (when people do sit on me and I want to kill them but don’t).

At found this post for me a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. Because I am so impressionable, I found a lot on there to steal and to emulate and to apply. I bought a notebook and I am rapidly filling its pages on the train.

I have three novel-length works in progress. One is Emergent, which I have mentioned here before and posted a bit from back when I thought I would try NaNoWriMo. Another is a WoW fanfic, which is an older project and actually only a few chapters out from completion. The last is a legitimate P&P fanfic (unlike my silly rewrite here) and it has been getting most of my creative attention and a great many very kind reviews from strangers.

It seems as though feeling free to pursue side projects has released some corked up artistic energy.

Aside from writing (and writing about writing, which I have done some of at an alternate blog), I am working with the insanely talented Apple to put together another WoW music video. In fact, I owe her the rest of the reworked lyrics so that I can move onto putting together the video. And that will be the tricky part since I will need a lot of extras. Anyone out there have good cross-faction relationships on their server? It’s all about PVP. I feel like Cynwise should vet it for authenticity.

What are you doing to express your creativity?


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    • There used to be a link somewhere around here. That blog is one I seem to manage to frequently abandon and I have only just branched out a bit from posting lame excerpts – which is to say, I can give you a link but don’t expect much! It is certainly not like your writing about writing, being just the clutter from the back of my mind that doesn’t fit here for whatever reason.

      With writing taking more of a front seat in my life lately, perhaps I will write more there. Perhaps not. And with all those disclaimers and if I haven’t discouraged anyone too completely: (Please be discouraged.)