Manufactured lies and drama

I was recently speaking to one of the several people with whom I am still friendly who are in my former guild. During the chat, it came up that another person who is still in the former guild but with whom I was never terribly close is saying odd things about me.

My friend asked if I spoke to this other person much and I said that other than having seen them briefly and exchanged a few “How are you?” sorts of pleasantries a few months back, I had not spoken to them at all.

As my friend and I chatted more and I pried at them for details because I am too often too curious for my own good, it came out that this other person is putting words in my mouth that I never spoke. For some of it, I can understand where something I wrote here might have been misinterpreted or applied to more people than the one or two I had intended. For others, it is outright fabrications and lies.

I am half amused and half irritated.

After all, the things I write here are open for everyone to see and while I cannot prevent anyone from misinterpreting them, I can at least point to specifics and quote myself if anyone ever felt the need to challenge something I have said. Besides, I already admitted I’ve been less than kind about some of the people who caused me a great deal of a stress and caused the former guild a great deal of drama.

And sometimes I do feel a little as though my references to the former guild are going to be taken as some sort of seething and petty hatred I can’t just get over and let go, even though I really just mention it as the closest thing I have as an apple to my current guild. When you’ve only ever been in two guilds and have been GM of both of them, there’s not a whole lot out there you can compare your current situation to.

That really is the more amused side of me talking. If it were only that someone was taking my every comparison as a slight against my former guild, I wouldn’t even bother writing this post.

What I find irritating is that this person that I barely even knew is apparently manufacturing whole conversations that I suppose I am to have had in game with them and then talking in their guild chat about all these things I allegedly said. Like the one where I am apparently trying to poach people from my former guild.

I admit that three old and dear friends have been made aware from the earliest days of my departure that I wouldn’t turn them aside if they wanted to come over, but the rest of the membership of the guild at large is not a membership I covet. I say this not because I hate them or for any reason other than that I had them before and they did not have the same goals I did or they would have come over when I left. I am not trying to nor am I desirous of recreating my former guild in any way.

And certainly I have no use for this person in particular, who seems to be trying to stir a pot even after the contents were chucked months ago.

Given all the drama that spouts up like mushrooms in this game, I am starting to wonder suspiciously where all the tabloid type blogs are. People love drama, so this could really be a niche for someone. Bold yellow headlines: GM CAUGHT TALKING TO SOMEONE IN FORMER GUILD, ALIEN ABDUCTION OR ATTEMPT AT POACHING? SHOCKING DETAILS INSIDE.

Yeah, I can see it all now.


Manufactured lies and drama — 18 Comments

  1. I have a confession. When the WoW Insider feature “Guildwatch” ran, I was an avid reader. I think that’s similar to what you’re thinking about.

    That particular feature seemed to mostly subsist on fed rumors from readers; if the editor went out and found stuff in person, it was probably on the forums. That was probably before RealID came out, not sure if that correlates either way.

    Inspired by giants such as NTKnow (R.I.P.) and The Register (still going strong, but more pro now), I (loooooong before blogger) ran a tech-oriented online scandal sheet myself. Getting rumors was hard work! I’m glad I don’t do it any more.

    • I do recall seeing Guildwatch once or twice. I never read WoW Insider much and still don’t read whatever they call it now. :P

      I would think gathering rumors would be not too bad, unless you had to make sure they had some basis in fact. In WoW, that doesn’t seem to be a requirement for getting shit started.

  2. O M G

    You just gave me the idea of my new blog!

    (Okay, not really.)

    It’s always frustrating when people spread lies/rumours about you that aren’t true. Especially when you’re not really in a position to tell everyone your side of the story. People never seem to come forward and call you out on things, but rather just talk to others about it – and after a while it all changes into something worse and bigger and eventually they might believe what they’re saying themselves.

    I generally believe in talking to people if you have an issue with them. Or if you can just politely ignore each other. There’s no reason to spread lies or rumours. This is not a popularity contest.

    Don’t let it get to you, is all I can say.

    Oh and also, where’s my guild drama gossip page? I definitely want one now.

    Ooh! Anonymous blog where people can post their guild drama stories anonymously! (Okay, I’m very very tired and my brain is overloading with crazy ideas, I shall be quiet now.)

    • Haha. I confess, I had thought of the Anonymous blog notion but have always dismissed it as being a fertile ground for even more drama and unkindness than already exists. Some days, I still think some people deserve it!

      After thinking about this some more, I have shifted to being more amused than anything over the whole thing. After all, my friends know me and aren’t likely to believe every wild thing they hear about me from other people and they also know they could ask me about it. Which is what happened in this case. As to everyone else, meh. Those bridges are burned already. No point weeping over the ashes.

  3. I look at it like this: you cast a pretty long shadow over the guild. You were the GM and RL for most of Wrath and pulled a lot of people kicking and screaming through a lot of content by sheer force of will. Now their raiding direction seems to be gone. Until someone steps up and fills that void, you are going to be on people’s minds. As time goes on, people’s memories will fade and they will start recreating versions of what happened from those scraps of memories. Unfortunately, the bad times take longer to forget than the good, and a lot of people will lament the reign of Alas, even if it was one of the highpoints for the guild (I mean, we did kill Arthas after all).

    It still sucks if people are making shit up about you.

    • Thanks Yngwe. Have I mentioned lately how glad I am that you did stick with me? It’s lovely to feel understood by someone who actually had the dubious pleasure of living through the events with me. :P

      More than sucking, I think it’s kind of sad that without direction to do otherwise people seem inclined to just wallow and blame someone long gone. Not because that someone is me in this case, but because the old guild does still have real talent and could be doing something more than they are if they wanted to do so. But in the end, it’s really not my problem either way.

  4. Drama-shrooms can have a ridiculously high crit rate. Every guild deals with some, it’s how the leaders in that guild mitigate the drama that keeps a guild successful. If people are saying things about you in the other guild that’s their drama. If someone in my guild was going on about someone who used to be in our guild, I would simply say something like, “We’ll they aren’t here anymore so no need wasting words on them.” Those drama-shrooms need a good stompin.

    • All very true! I do feel somewhat bad for my friends who are sort of stuck in the middle (and at least one likely to want to try to defend me) between people they are still guilded with and not taking the easy road of declaring me a monster for daring to have other goals.

      As I told Saga, I am really getting to be more and more just amused by this. There’s not a whole lot I can do, even if I wanted to, and I doubt anyone could make certain members of the former guild dislike me any more than they already do.

  5. Did you know I destroyed a guild once because I was mean? See I had this master plan. First was manipulating the feelings of the guild leader to become raid leader. Then infiltrate the guild with my real life buddies to take over the raids and then we’d steal the guild bank and make off with the booty. It would be glorious!

    We had daily meetings on how to go about this. We had this tree with guildmembers pictures, notes of their personalities and how to manipulate them. We had folders with dirt on everyone too! It was glorious! Last I heard there was rumours of us dressing in ww2 uniforms of a certain germanic country too! Evil cackling was reported to be heard too.

    And so, with the help of my evil legions, we destroyed the guild!!

    At least that how they say it went down.

    • GASP


  6. I resent that the vicious rumors I’ve been spreading about Alas have not come to her attention. I feel so unappreciated.

    • Oh, I know all about your slanderous ways and I have heard all the rumors you started. If only you had made them viscous rumors instead! You know those are the most vile of all!

  7. I know that at least one of your friends in your former guild misses the heck out of ya’ll!!! Grats on the progressions!!!

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