The value of a respite

Before raid time hit last night, it had been one week since I had last raided. A week isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but it was restful for me and, I think, a needed break for everyone.

We had intended to raid last Friday, but when At and I returned home we had no Internets. And so we reset our router and At may have fiddled with some other things, but there were still no Internets and we began to grow concerned. So At called our ISP and they were like “lolwut.”

After about 15 minutes of At being on the phone with them, they were like, “Suckers, you can expect us to come by sometime on Tuesday.” And I panicked. And then I wept. And then I got on my phone and told everyone from my guild I could find, in as many avenues as I had open to me, that our ISP was fail and we were likely to have no Internets until Tuesday, QQ and I guessed we would have to go outside or something.

A few hours later, out Internets were restored, but not before completely putting a wrench in raid night. It was scrubbed in our absence. That’s a 50 minus DKP to our ISP, right thar. Maybe even a 100 minus DKP for failing two people.

So, planned or not, we had the whole weekend off from raiding. And it was kind of nice. At and I watched some shows we’re catching up on. We went to dinner at my sister’s and I got to see my younger brother again before he took off. The most time I spent in WoW was spent farming herbs while exercising.

But as tonight got closer, I got more and more excited for it. I was going to raid! And, oh man, it had been like a whole week since I had raided. But this was going to be farm night and it would be awesome!

And lo, it was. We plowed through 6 bosses in under two hours, one shotting all of them (well, we had one attempt on Chimi go awry in the first 15 seconds due to an ill timed… something) and picking up an achievement and some lovely BoE epics.

We’re in a great place for our progression nights this coming Friday and Saturday and I hope we will make significant progress on (if not kill) Cho’Gall. I feel energized for it, and I think everyone else does as well.

A break every now and again can be the best thing for progression.


The value of a respite — 3 Comments

  1. That is pretty much how I feel whenever my schedule allows me to raid. Glad to hear it was a good night.

  2. Nothing like a good break to catch up on Real Life.

    And nothing like a good break to make you enjoy WoW again.

    (The best thing about quitting is starting again.)