Poetry Monday, now with less haiku and more rage

Today’s poetry Monday abandons the haiku and goes out to Syl, who said I ought to try a limerick:

There once was a guild on Azuremyst
Whose GM’s perpetually pissed
The movers she would kill!
And where she’d stick their bill!
Alas, she is stuck shaking her fist!

Real Life continues to kick our asses, this time in the form of movers who decided that “we would like to schedule our things to be delivered” to mean “why don’t you load our things on a truck and haul them out here, only waiting until 24 hours beforehand to let us know and then say if we won’t take it you will charge us out the wazoo, thus forcing us into a scramble to take early possession and have to take time off work to deal with this crap.”

The good news is that we’ll get our stuff and I can finally find out once and for all how much is missing or broken and how much is not. The bad news is that Illidan’s Moving Company’s slogan (You are not prepared!) is starting to make a horrid sort of sense.


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