Neiner, neiner!

I was minding my own damn business the other day in SW when I got a tell from a guildmate. What classes and specs and such was I looking for in regards to raiding?

See, I had made a GMotD saying that anyone wanting to raid ought to speak to Gnoble or myself so that a) we could know they wanted to raid and b) we could work them into the rotation.

Uhh, said I, in response to this tell. No mages.

And the result was that we now have two more healers (with tank and dps offspecs, as needed) ready to join our ranks. This brings our pool of potential raiders up to, uh, 19.

Granted, we’ve never had everyone sign up for a raid at once, but at a time when I see most other GM’s bemoaning another loss, I’m both befuddled and delighted that we are still expanding our ranks.

Ringing the Recruitment Bell Again

So, we’re in that nasty middle ground of roster where we have almost-but-not-quite enough warm bodies to make two 10-man teams. If you’re interested in a guild like Eff the Ineffable who seems to be going strong as we head into the depths of the summer months, feel free to drop us a line.

Our current raiding schedule is older content for gearing alts and new 85’s on Tuesdays and progression (Firelands) on Fri/Sat. All raids start at 6:30 PST and we are an Alliance side guild on Azuremyst – US. At the moment, we’re very paladin, priest and mage heavy. Do not want more, though a solid applicant will always be considered. We would very much like to know more about what warriors, warlocks and druids are like.

Moar (unrelated) neiner, neiner!

You know how sometimes we tend to compete with other people who may or may not know that we are competing against them? I know this isn’t just me because Twitter admitted they do the same thing.

Well, the guild(s) I personally compete with (in my role as GM of the Effers) are all LOSERS compared to us in terms of progression. This is limited to guilds on my own server who have persons who used to be in my old guild (yet not the old guild itself, let’s be clear on that point). HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR SHINY NEW GUILDS NOW SUCKERS? HUH HUH? DON’T EVEN HAVE T11 CLEARED I SEE. SUCK. IT.

Ahem. What? Is… is that not in the spirit of “neiner, neiner”? My bad.


Neiner, neiner! — 10 Comments

  1. Well my last guild beat t11 before us, but they are 0/7 in t12 thus far despite SEVERAL wipe nights on Shannox, who you guys pwned in 5 attempts soooo… TAKE THAT!

    Whew, that’s fun.

  2. I want to know WHY I ALWAYS WORK ON RAID NIGHTS. I mean, I might be ABLE to ask if we can spare me at least one night a week, but I doubt it’ll happen, ’cause I’m the reliable weekend nights girl. *siiiigh*

    Still. SOMETIMES! I will make it in sometimes. Someday. SOMEWHEEEEEERE!

  3. For what it’s worth, I consider you one of the guilds we “compete” with. Just in a friendly way, more because I know we’re pretty comparable progression-wise, and it’s fun to hear you celebrate with a new boss kill (like i’m sure you guys cheer when I scream one out over twitter too).

    Also, when I say “compete” it’s not a “ha ha, we’re ahead of you” or “damn, we haven’t been able to kill him yet” type of thing. It’s just something I enjoy checking in on, and I think we benefit from each other’s experiences with boss strategies pretty regularly.

    • Yeah, I feel we have a good friendly sort of “competition” with each other. I hope my post was clear in that I am being a total jerk to people who ditched the ex guild because it wasn’t a hardcore enough raiding scene and who are now behind us in progression.

      I feel that most of the guilds I can compare Eff to (and SiB is one of those) are good for that little spur of motivation to get ahead of the other, maybe, without it being rancorous and some sort of weird bitter feud. I certainly cheer for you guys when you get a kill and I wouldn’t trade the exchange of ideas and strats for anything!

  4. I had a good laugh, again…
    I’m a GM myself and a lot of problems, choices and feelings i had is really nicely described here.
    Makes me sad that i’m on EU because this could be good place for alt.
    Good luck in Firelands Effers (what an adorable name).