My guildies don’t know better

So, we Effers are having yet another energetic discussion on the forums and I’ve been keeping very on top of it for a change (I’m at work but they don’t have anything for me to do…. so I am waiting? To see if something materializes? And I reckon no one can get upset with me for browsing the internet when they know I am waited to be handed something to do), which has prompted some actual posts and PMs from me.

In the last hour, people have misguidedly paid me compliments on my diplomatic prowess (I have none), approved of condescending posts I’ve written (well, I felt it was somewhat condescending) and told me I’m a really nice GM (I am not. I hate people).

This strikes me as hilarious.

So my new advertising target for the guild will be a call to people who must not have any idea what actual leadership ability looks like and who are prepared to admire my fumbling and groaning and incoherent shenanigans. You’ll fit in just fine here with the rest of these idiots precious little angels who think I have a clue.

The rest of you can just pity the fools.

On a more serious note, I think a really key factor to being able to deal with drama somewhat gracefully is to not take sides. (DUH) In the past, I’ve always sided more with one viewpoint than another, but having been somewhat disconnected from the game and the forums and the people due to real life considerations, I find I just cannot get all worked up about things the way I used to.

Diplomacy: telling both sides they’re wrong.

I think I can do that.


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