I remember a time when I thought I would never run out of things I wanted to do in WoW. I envisioned being able to play it for years and years without ever running out of characters to level or professions to be maxxed out or new skills to master. I thought I would be playing until they turned off the last server and decided for me that it was all over.

These days, I don’t have the same mindset at all. I’m starting to analyze the signs and wonder what they all point to. Or, more accurately, when they all point to my eventually quitting the game.

Eff Twitter

There are still ties that keep me around, no doubt. Part of it is centered around this blog and the blogging community I’ve come to know and love. Yet, Twitter has paled for me lately (quit talking politics, would you?) and the part of me that knows I am not very good at forming meaningful friendships is whispering to me that I have as many close friends as I am likely to walk away with.

Eff Alts

I’ve tried rolling alts on other servers, usually to say hey to bits and pieces of the community. But part of me certainly feels very much like what I can’t help but be: an outsider looking in. Alas 2.0 is 85 and I still don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone in that guild outside of five or so people!

On my own home server, my alts are largely abandoned because I can’t bring myself to level through that same abbreviated content again and what good will it do me anyway? I have always leveled alts with an eye towards being very self-sufficient for raiding, but this expansion has changed things. My druid farms on occasion, gathering up herbs and ore. The herbs go to the guild bank so the raiding portion of the guild can have cauldrons. The ore goes to Rhii’s alt more often than not, so I can have gems cut for Alas. I’ve also shipped enough ore in At’s direction to make him feel he owes me some trade in enchanting mats. But with guild perks being what they are, the bank can easily afford to pay for raider’s enchants.

The point of all that being, I don’t need or enjoy my alts anymore. And what little they can bring to the table isn’t worth it anymore.

Eff Achievements

Achievement hunting has paled. I can’t be arsed to chase points for the sake of points. I went for the flame bird thing in a completely lackadaisical fashion, but having got that, I haven’t touched the MF dailies except to lend firepower to At, who is still working through them even more slowly than I did.

I know no one cares about this shit, but to me, it’s all indicative of how little I can bring myself to care about the things I used to in WoW. My eye is starting to stray towards other MMO’s, though with very little conviction for most of them. I still have no interest in Rift.

The tl;dr is thus (eff all the things):

I am growing tired of WoW and wonder what other people do when they need a big step back. And, as a follow up question, raiders, is getting through Firelands noteworthy for you or are you just punching the clock before the next patch?

And, goddamn it, how many other people think they will more than likely quit in disgust if the next expansion has even one thing to do with Pandaria?


Stagnant — 9 Comments

  1. I too needed a break, both because of real life and because WoW became very soul-draining for me in patch 4.2. You mean I have to spend every minute of the game doing boring dailies or running dungeons I have done 50 times over already? No thanks.

    I went back to check out the first MMO I ever played, City of Heroes. Yeah, I am a superhero nerd. It is not the perfect game, but it is the best of the superhero genre, mostly because of its wealth of content and fun grouping dynamics. It does some things beautifully, like allowing people of any level to group together at the same level. Mostly, it is new to me again and does not feel like so much of a chore.

  2. Yeah, I’m feeling it. I stay for the raiding, and Firelands is good, but the rest of it is old hat.

    The non-MMO thing I miss is actually…. single-player RPGs. I love them! They have good graphics, interesting characters, and interesting plots. Each new RPG has a slightly different combat system to learn. If I stopped playing Warcraft, I’d be all over the single-player games.

  3. I felt the same way at this stage of the last expansion (ToC). It is normal. But is you are planning to rage quit over pandas you might as well drop now becaus like it or not they will be in there.

  4. ‘wonder what other people do when they need a big step back.’

    When WoW started to get stagnant for me, I just stopped logging in. There wasn’t really any reason for me to start the game up, so I didn’t. I know you’ve got more ties ingame than I had, and duties too, but I’d still recommend finding some other game to play (It was Minecraft for me). If you take a break until the next expansion, or even just until 4.3, then the game does feel a lot more interesting when you come back. Granted, I am getting bored again after a few months, but maybe that means it’s just time to move on.

    Out of interest, what exactly would be the problem with a Pandaren expansion? I don’t want to start a pro-Pandaria/Panda-hater war in the comments, but I seriously can’t understand why panda-men are any worse than wolf-men or cow-men. I know the Pandaren were initially just a drawing idea by a Blizzard employee, but that’s no reason why Blizz can’t come up with perfectly good Lore for them.

  5. Maybe it’s time for a completely game-free week? Take a week “off” and just read, go for walks, watch movies, write your novel. Plan a different novel. Learn a new knitting pattern.

    The worst way to get burnout is to see it coming and ignore the symptoms.

  6. Both Husband and I sometimes get burned out. I generally turn to a different aspect of the game (I’m working on pvp with my mage, something I’ve never done before). Husband generally looks at different games (on the PS3, usually).

    When things got the worst that they’ve ever been, we faction changed, and that gave us a new feel for the game. Some of our toons made the change easier than others – Husband can’t bear to change his dwarf rogue, so he’s been abandoned at 80. I think my shaman is going to have to go back to ally b/c I don’t like any of the shaman races. Largely, though, it gave us a new perspective and freshened the game.

  7. Thanks to my move I’ve had to cut back my WoW time in a large way and frankly I think it is for the best. The less I log in the more I enjoy the little that I do get to log in. When I do feel like playing something other than WoW I fire up Age of Conan. It went free to play and it is a really nice diversion. It is different enough from WoW that I don’t feel like I am playing bizzaro WoW.

    So my suggestion is find something else to do that isn’t WoW and just log into WoW for what brings you fun and pleasure. Don’t get caught up in any guilt.

  8. You know I’m taking a hiatus, and the reasons behind it. I think you rock, and (I hope) you know that. I can’t say I’m leaving forever, but I can’t say that I’ll “for sure” be back either.

    Life is what it is. We change. Our tastes change. Things we do change. One thing I’ve come to know, there is a group of WoW players that deeply appreciate you.

    You dun gud gurlfriend!