Yes, count it, 233%

I’ve been a bit sour around here lately regarding the game and the levels of fun and immersion I’ve been having – or not having, as the case may be.

But then I found some fun again.

Does Lady Sylvanas ALLOW fun on her watch?

Last Thursday, on a whim, I started up a new character. She’s a Forsaken hunter with a knack for picking flowers and a fetish for collecting any pet that comes in a shade of mostly white. I decided to try out the undead starting area and quest at least through Silverpine Forest because I had heard so many other people say how much fun they had with the revamped zones. Also, I’ve never really played an undead before. Like, I think I abandoned one somewhere around level 10 about four years ago and eventually deleted her.

Plainugly, I hardly knew thee.

Anyhow, I soon found myself very immersed in this new undead hunter, and the quests she was doing. They were mostly new to me so I took the time to read over the quest text before accepting them and, for the first time in a while, I caught a whiff of actual story being told.

By the time I got to the bit where I got to muck about in Gilneas, I was hooked. Half the time I wasn’t even questing, but was instead so immersed in the atmosphere of the place that I ran about dementedly taking screenshots of everything that caught my eye.

I don't care if we found the body! Lookit the pretty BOAT!

And when I wasn’t taking screenshots of the scenery, I was taking it of text and giggling to myself like the damn fool I totally am.

We can also save money by not buying patches for worn knees and elbows on our clothing

Somewhere along the point where I was nearly done questing through Hillsbrad, I was looking over my professions and reputation gains and generally basking in how awesome I’d been doing at leveling quickly (I was 28, nearing 29) and not falling behind on cooking or first aid or anything else I was doing in between quests, and then an idea struck me.

Self, I thought, you haven’t seen anything Horde side since Cataclysm hit. Your priest is languishing in Dalaran, likely never to see anything past 80, and there is an opportunity here I don’t think you want to miss. Why not level slowly, enjoy each zone, and finish out Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor before going to Outland? And then why not do the same thing in Outland? And why not see how far you can get by doing all the quests in each of those places?

So now I have a project. I’m sure other people have done something like it before, but I don’t care about that. I’m just happy to have something to turn some attention to (sorry, Kotakh, Alas 2.0 doesn’t really want to raid that much since I’ve already got that whole experience on Alas 1.0) when I want to play but don’t have anything I need to do on my main.

My plan of attack is to go back and do all the starting area zones I can, including the ones not part of the Loremaster achievement (because… I like rep?). I am working on Azshara now and have completed Ghostlands. I think it will be fun to see how much I’ll out-level Hellfire Peninsula by the time I arrive there and how well I will be able to keep up with professions along the way.

And while a small part of me always feels a bit guilty for not doing alty things in my own guild, I’m at least having some fun with this for now and it honestly makes me enjoy the time spent raiding on my main even more. I feel like some of the magic is back.

I just had to look for it.


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