I’ve been giving it a lot of thought lately. Like about 5 minute’s worth. And under the extreme and rigorous scientific  conditions of some tests I’ve run (mostly in Portal 2, which is when I was doing the thinking about this), I’ve come to the conclusion that Blizzard loves mages best.

Let’s count a few ways

5. We have portals. Everyone knows from playing Portal 1 and 2 that portals are awesome.

4. Mirror Images. Where one mage is good, three or four more is exponentially more awesome.

3. Dalaran. Does your class have a magical, floating city that was the focus of the world for a few years? Didn’t think so.

2. We aren’t forced to rely on pets to do all the heavy lifting for us, unlike most other pure dps classes I could name.

1. We have a spell called Blizzard. If that doesn’t cinch it, I don’t know what would.

In conclusion, mages are awesome. Everyone else is merely okay.



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  1. You also have the distinction of being the only class (to my knowledge) with a spell that has an exclamation mark at the end of it. I love looking through Recount and seeing Pyroblast! damage.

  2. You also are the absolute best class to level from 10-85 via PvP. And then you can continue to own in PvP.

    Mages. I need more of them.

    • I might have to make that my next project. It could only help me be better at pve. I wonder if I can con someone into playing with me… Hmmmm

  3. #5: My warlock loves fire mages, they make such good aggro magnets, and don’t have any lame pets to distract the mobs away from them. She always stays near one, and soulshatters when the going gets hot.

    Stay burny, my friend.

  4. Yeah but DKs are the most Metal!

    5. We have portals. It’s called death gate! DEAAATHHHH

    4. Mirror Images. Dark Simulacrum. Our image is daaaarrrrkkk

    3. Archerus: Ebon hold: We have our flying city and its only for us!!!

    2. Dual wield frost dps! The charts have spoken!

    1. We have a spell called Death and decay and a talent called Killing machine. If that doesn’t cinch it, I don’t know what would.