Reminder: Self, this is why you don’t pug

I wrote recently about DPS utility. This is something I pride myself on in general: If something needs to stay locked down then it will stay locked down, barring theĀ uncontrollableĀ derp of party members. Effers are typically quite good at respecting CC targets and not breaking things prematurely. So I’ve been spoiled lately, not having to deal with the random carelessness of other people.

Cue the fact that Rhii needs some orbs for boot making, and I find myself in LFD with her.

We went for normal heroics, because we’re after orbs, nothing else. I don’t mind being over-geared in a regular heroic! So we zone in and meet up with a DK tank, a rogue and a hunter.

A few pulls in, I’m already asking in guild chat whether the hunter is dead because, well, we’re talking 4-6k dps on a given pull. The rogue is slightly ahead of that about half the time and the DK is the only one breaking 10k dps with any regularity.

The average state of the meter per fight

Oh well, I shrug. Things are going fairly quickly, after all. We make it through all the elemental pulls and I’ve been doing my thing the whole time: stealing spells, interrupting casters and occasionally taking pressure off the tank with a Circle o’ Frost.

Then we get to the bit where there are humanoids to deal with. I sheep the healer without being asked. All is well for a few pulls and then this happened:


And I was instantly and violently irritated. What he said was sound in that I would need to sheep again because there was still one or two other mobs up, but I’d just spent the whole instance to that point spell stealing and silencing and pwning the meters. I didn’t need someone who apparently didn’t know how to sap or kick telling me how to do my job.

So we laughed at him in guild chat and kept on.

The next pull came and the hunter tried to trap one healer while I got the second sheeped. We kill all the things and then this happened:

Note how neither Rhii nor I noticed he was even gone

Then came the real derp and I wish I could have captured it via text for you guys, but there was no real talking, only lots of swearing at my screen. We pulled a group from under the little anti-magic field. I sheeped my target. The hunter trapped the wrong one. The rogue still didn’t know how to do anything useful. So I switch to the healer who wasn’t getting locked down, but I’m the only one. I interrupt. Then, some idiot breaks my sheep, and I don’t even know how because it was all the way in the back. It gets knocked back under the shield and I cannot re-CC it. So now two healers are up and people are still focused on a melee unit that is getting the shit healed out of it.

So I pound out a message about how I cannot sheep the one because it’s under the field and would someone please help interrupt these healers. The rogue still fails to interrupt even once. Somehow, we finally get everything killed.

At that point, I was sorely tempted to just vote to kick the rogue from the party, but it wasn’t really as though any of them were being super stars of awesome and I knew part of it was that the rogue had me irritated from his earlier stint as Captain Obvious.

For the next orb we farmed, it was a pure guild group. I’m too easily annoyed by pugs.


Reminder: Self, this is why you don’t pug — 5 Comments

  1. I really think that the best way to deal with pugs is a matter of managing your own level of expectations. I try and view any pugs I get in a group like I would a poorly scripted NPC “henchman” you would get in a single player RPG game. (remember the henchman you could hire in Diablo II?)

    Because this is the scale I use to evaluate their performance, I tend to be pleasantly surprised by most pugs the majority of the time. If they have a communication issue of some sort that I find irritating, I simply put them on my ignore list so I can’t see anything they are saying.

    Once in awhile you get one of these “NPC’s” that decides to go rogue and do something crazy. Again, I just view this as an exciting new “heroic mode” opportunity that you have to solve/figure out. If I’m healing, I take it as a personal challenge to see how many times I can let that person die (which is tricky on a shaman healer because of all the darn smart heals It forces me to avoid using) When I am tanking, It also becomes a matter of trying to see how often I can get them killed. There have been many times that I have sat there as a tank and watched someone pull the next group and scream at me to taunt while they get their face munched on by all of the bad guys they just upset. I usually wait patiently by the healer to save them should they decide to try and save the poor guy and end up pulling aggro from healing.

    I don’t actually queue as dps solo.

    More often than not though, I end up queuing with guild groups that have 1-2 pugs each and again, we basically ignore the pugs as if they were NPC henchman that blizzard provides for our group to make the dungeon more interesting somehow.

  2. Oh geez. I feel a little bad I wasn’t around to help with those runs! Stupid BoP orbses…

    I had a good one over the weekend. BFD, me on baby priest healing, paladin “tank” with a 2H. I am slightly annoyed about this, but don’t consider it worth the effort of making a fuss. First boss, midfight, the pally starts in with the NEED HAELZ NAO crap, because his health has dropped below 75% for the first time in the entire dungeon. Boss dies, party members do not, and I inform him that if he does not choose to use a shield, then he does not get to complain about his health. He mysteriously drops group a minute later. I are scary cranky healer, apparently. That henchman was fail, would not hire again.

  3. It is my experience that people do regulars because they are not sufficiently geared/skilled to do heroics. Low dps and relative nubness should be understood as the norm in regulars. Perhaps your expectations are geared to much higher-level player skills than regular dungeons attract. Just sayin’. /grin

  4. No, no, that was heroics (normal HEROICS as opposed to zulroics). Though honestly expecting 10k dps is a bit high I feel, when most of us at the start of cata were doing 6k or less as we learned our classes. If they could do 10k, they’d be queueing for zuls. Though I’ve seen people doing 6k in zuls -_-“

    • Yeah, I don’t mind low dps in a non-Zul heroic since people have to start somewhere. In fact, I would rather have a pug with low dps but who plays smartly than a geared-to-the-teeth douchebag. It’s when they have low dps and can’t play their class/execute the mechanics that it becomes a problem, which is what it sounds like Alas was dealing with here.