Cruel reminders

A Morning Commute

Darkness rushes glubly past
The yellowed flates and pasta-complected
sources of stench
limp and bedraggled flop
(lugubrious little hexes)
Malodorous rotted oatmeal in the fiery
furnley track
Birds dying the dusk
Sorrowment and enjoyessness, minglerametaed
like two streams of filthy aunglement
Hark! Hark hark and lo!
A turning comes
A sircirisuss scent swylently
eats an orange and plummets
One point oh
Bilenous grappling among the fraught stars
spikes where glowing lights
pierce the scarfing stately trees
And graffiti gates well stricken
Have weekly corroded music – seeming
beakless birds


You all have one more week in which to get me your most Vogony poetry in order to enter my contest and perhaps win a fabulous prize! Unable to enter my own contest, I took the liberty of writing something anyway, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as one can enjoy such a thing.

I also strongly encourage everyone who hasn’t done so to go read the comments on the original post, as there is some very charming poetry there.


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