Two years and I’m not dead yet

Damn, guys. It’s been two years now since I first threw open my virtual doors and started sharing all my nonsense with you. I still have no idea why on earth anyone would read it, but I’m happy you do!

This post – which is both the anniversary post and the 400th to be published here – has proved surprisingly difficult to write. I get off on tangents, as you know, and so have deleted and re-typed and then deleted several different beginnings to this thing.

I had wanted to talk about this past year of blogging and catch some highlights, but it all kept boiling down to Guys, this past year was a rough one! And then I started blathering about how this community has kept me afloat through a cross-country move, leaving my old guild, starting a new one, dealing with loss on so many fronts and trying to keep a grasp on sanity while dealing very gracelessly with public transportation and Kooky.

You guys have been there for me every step of the way – even in the background when I stepped away for a while, although if I’m being honest it was all Brandi Carlile all the time for several weeks, while I wallowed and wrestled with learning not to give a fuck.

Brandi Carlile is my hero. Her music speaks to my soul. My soul is possibly emo.

Thank you

But it all really (eventually) boiled down to a feeling of gratitude that I have this place and some people who support me. I don’t know if I can really express how much it means to me when someone from out there on the big, wild internet takes the time to share themselves with me. I don’t care if it’s a /hug on Twitter or a well-worded comment in response to something I’ve put out there of myself. It means a great deal to me to feel acknowledged.

I know I’m pretty much the world’s worst commenter or replier to comments I get these days, limited as I am in time and internet access (here’s hoping that’ll change soon), so it means all the more to me that y’all are still kind enough to have embraced me and not let me go.

So I want to try to say thank you. There are several ways in which I would like to do this and I have cleverly solicited both Vogon poetry from everyone at large and guest posts from my guild in particular so the nonsense doesn’t have to come to a full stop while I hope to be very busy with this labor of “giving and having and sharing and receiving…”

What’s on tap

By way of celebration last year, I put on my bossiest hat and told people what to write. This year, I’d like to open it up further and include pretty much anything you’ve seen offered before during these blogoversary sorts of things.

Want a guest post? Tell me. It’s yours. Want me to “muse” you? I’ll try to come up with sparkling ideas for you to write about. Want to ask my opinion on a topic, whether it’s WoW-related or not? Ask me. I’ll reply here and go big about it. Don’t have a blog and have something to say? I offer you this tiny platform. Do you require really awful art for a post you are working on? I am very much your girl.

But for myself, I would ask just one little thing in return. Let me know you’re here and listening. Tell me anything, even if it’s that I obviously fail at providing rapid P&P updates and am still abusing the comma to the point where it’s about to abscond from my keyboard. I want to hear back from you guys. I want to say hi to you directly, especially if you’ve never commented before. I promise I don’t bite (anyone other than At) or slobber (much).

But I do love the warm fuzzies you guys give me, and I do want to sincerely try to express even a part of how thankful I am to have you.

So much love it hurts,




Two years and I’m not dead yet — 81 Comments

    • I’m as shocked as anyone to have made it this far and not alienated everyone. Thanks so much!

      Can I offer you a thing? A muse or a picture of my true love (cheese) or a joke?

      • Pictures of cheese are always welcome, as are jokes. If you can find my muse and get me back to blogging I would be eternally in your debt, however. I miss blogging…

        • Ahaha. I’m not sure if I could come up with one thing that would get you all the way back into blogging, but I’ll try to find something that’ll get you at least one good post. Failing that, I’ll tell you a joke about cheese.

  1. Congratulations on 2 years Alas! :D

    As for a request…I’d like to see some early screenshots of nooby Alas, when you were still leveling and learning the game. Those are always fun / funny!

    • I have NO idea what sort of shots I might have from all the way back then. I’ll check into it for sure!

      Thanks so much for the idea!

    • *a wild Ano appears in the jungle*


      A. Bag and tag him before releasing him back into the wild, hoping to someday see him again
      B. Bag him and take him home to sing sweetly in the gilded cage you have waiting
      C. Let him go free. He is like the wind and cannot be chained to one place


      I don’t know either, but I’m going with it. Many, many thanks! Please do take a party favor.

      • Let’s talk about this cage… How’s the wifi reception? Because that could be a dealbreaker

        For your last anniversary, you gave me a blog topic which turned in to a love letter to my guild. You gave *me* a gift.

        So I turn your request around: what would YOU like?

        • I assure you, the wifi reception is excellent. We are NERDS, Sir, and will not settle for anything less.

          When I first saw this comment and offer, I asked my guild whether it would be appropriate to have you ship over a spare person with an accent, just so I could listen to them talk all day. Srs. They could read me the phone book and I’d be happy. Apparently that’s not realistic, so I’ll just say that your kindness and support have been very much a treasure to me for as long as I have known you and I would feel quite selfish asking for anything more. If you are dead-set on something, I would happily take a muse because thinking of things to write about can be TOO HARD sometimes.

          Otherwise, if ever I make it to your neck of the world, just promise me we can meet up and you’ll let me know all the coolest things to do and maybe even do one of them with me. Especially if food is involved.

          • Sold!

            I’ll do my best to think of something aMUSEing for you to write about then; and the food-n-wine thing is a *given*, should the opportunity arise.

          • Sweet! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

            Also, food and wine? Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes. Now to make enough gold to afford the taxi over. (how come we don’t get free boats irl?)

    • Thanks Cal! I’d like to note that my wonderful guild mates are not in any way excluded from all the offers on tap. See you in Azeroth!

  2. Happy two-year blogiversary! I’m an infrequent commenter, but I always enjoy reading what you have to write. Every time you post a new P&P chapter my husband has to ask what I’m snickering at (and when I explain he just kind of rolls his eyes). Also, former-homeschooler solidarity! Obviously those high school kids were just jealous of how awesome we were. ;) Thanks for giving us glimpses into your WoW activities, GM-ing, and personal life!

    • I do so love having a fellow homeschooler who can understand what that’s all about – one who snickers at P&P is a double bonus!

      Thank you so very much for reading (and commenting!) and I hope to have another lol-worthy chapter up in the near future. :D

    • No hablo FRANCH.

      But thanks for the translation, the sentiment and the willingness to taunt me regarding croissants. I’ll get you, Superman!

  3. Congrats on hitting 2 years!

    I don’t remember how I stumbled onto your blog, but it has been great fun reading you and I’m glad that you came back from your break. It was far too quiet without your voice. :)

    • You probably tripped over me thinking I was funny. It happens.

      Many thanks for the very kind comments. It’s startling to think I might have been missed, but it makes me feel quite cozy on the inside. Thank you for reading and for being a part of what makes this community so great!

    • Like I said, I don’t get it. But I am very, very grateful. And for all the advice and chats about GMing. I need all the help I can get!

      <3 back at you!

    • Don’t lurk, Yngwe! I miss you so very much here and in game. I keep thinking I need to try CoH and hang out on your turf, but the recent baking frenzy is nomming all my time. Which is fair since I nom all the things that come of it.

      And, uh, you know… another dps would be very nice to have back on our recently reduced raiding roster. Just sayin’! <3

      • I miss you and the gang terribly, but I really don’t miss WoW much. Too many grinds, too little time. CoH remains fun for me, and did I mention, it’s free (although I am a sucker and still pay).

        • I do understand. It won’t stop me from mentioning that the VP grind is non-existent with our nearly full clears of Firelands every week, though. ;)

          You did mention CoH being free. I’ll get my act together one of these days and check it out.

          • You just made me twitch violently at the thought of having to start a new grind. Thanks for that.

    • I love you, At. You do more than anyone else to make me crazy and keep me sane. Never stop being my everything.

  4. Well done Alas! I look forward to all of your posts and read them with relish..(well maybe not “relish” – I don’t really care for “relish” .. perhaps, a little peanut butter and jelly..oh yeah.. and cheese!).. : )

    • I find my posts are best consumed with a nice cabernet and some cheese. Not because they’re sophisticated, but because you need some sophisticated food to balance out the sheer, overwhelming derpiness.

      It’s been a real pleasure having you in Eff and I’m glad to also have you as a reader of my nonsense and incoherent ramblings.

    • I have to honestly say I never thought you would comment here again.

      Thanks for the thought and for getting me started blogging in the first place. Even if you never agreed with it. Hope all is well for you in and out of Azeroth!

      • I’m out of Azeroth for a much needed and lengthy break, possibly for good. Everything is going well for me Irl though, thank you :)

        However, I want to take this time to apologize to “you” for being an ass, and to also say you were right.

        Good luck to you.

        By the way, I enjoy your blog. Early on I couldn’t see why you would do this, I get it now. Keep it going if it makes you happy.

        • Well, I hope the time spent IRL continues to be good.

          I’m not sure what, exactly, I was right about, but as far as any issues I had from when we last spoke, I’m willing to call it water under the bridge and move on.

          Glad you like the blog and that it makes more sense now :D Drop by any time.

  5. Happy two year blogaversary, Alas! I feel weird asking for anything because nobody is asking for anything they’re just being congratulatory which is nice so we’re gonna go with that (although if you were so inclined I looove the musing thing because it gives me topics for posts and I always need topics for posts).

    But more importantly /CONFETTI :D

    • I feel weird to offer and have no one take me up on it! So thank you for doing so. I’ll put on my thinking cap and try to come up with a good one for you. :D

      Thanks for the grats, for reading and for being someone I can look up to as a mage and GM. /hero worship

    • Thank you! I’m quite amused it took Vogon poetry to bring anyone to my door, but then again, I’ve always bounced around a bit and had bizarre content.

  6. You abuse commas like I abuse elipses… which there is NOTHING WRONG WITH, I TELL YOU.

    In all seriousness though, i’m glad you’ve decided to stick around. If you’re the world’s worst commenter, then I have a very comfortable 2nd place to you, and that’s fine. I should comment a lot more on other people’s blogs (and I know it would increase my traffic flow if I did) but meh. Sometimes I just never know what to say.

    Also, I think doing a guest post for you would be a hoot, although i’m not entirely sure what I would talk about. Perhaps sometime in the future? It would be fun. Also, if you ever wanted to write a guest post on my blog I would love to have it. Just let me know… although I know your life is far busier than mine is at any point in time.

    I digress! Happy 2nd anniversary, and happy 400th blog post! Here’s to many more inane babbles that I enjoy reading.

    • FUZZBUTT <3

      I think we should certainly have a guest post exchange some time. If I think up anything good for you, I'll let you know! And since the universe decided to give me a NEW JORB today, I might have more time in the near future. I'm keeping my fingers crossed (hard to type while doing so, but meh) that I'll also have greater Interweb access from the new workplace. Which is to say I hope I won't be busy or just flat out unable to do bloggy things because I'm getting by on a phone. /strokes full size keyboard possessively

      Thank you so much for giving me one of the few comments you might make. I'm touched and honored and you can say any old thing that pops into your head any time. :D

  7. I guess I’ll have to take 3rd place behind fuzzbutt there, so here’s a special one just for you.

    Congratulations on 2 years, and good luck with the 3rd.

    • Thanks Psyn! I’m starting to think maybe we should all just pretend to tie for first place worst commenter in the world? I’ll make us badges.

      I do hope year three is less dramatic than year two was. I’m ready to sit back and bask in the general awesomeness of the community.

  8. Congratulations on 2 years! That’s just absolutely awesome!

    I remember you were one of the first blogs that I started reading and commenting on regularly (I’m worse at commenting these days, for which I apologise – I still read every single post!). I remember us having similar problems with our guilds and leadership, and many good discussions regarding it. I’ve followed your ventures with your new guild since it took off, and it’s always been interesting.

    The fact that your Mage looked almost exactly like my Warlock (even if a filthy mage), made me feel like you were somehow a kindred spirit with problems the same as mine. (Don’t we all love knowing we’re not alone in our misery? ;) ) Now of course you’ve gone ahead and become a space goat, but you know – I’ll still read :P

    Again, congratulations on 2 years – and let’s hope for many more!

    Very few people have asked for something, but I’m a Warlock and all greedy so I’ll ask for the muse thing, please. You always gave very great suggestions!

    • Thank you m’dear! I had no idea I was one of the first. Makes me feel special, somehow. I mean that sincerely!

      I certainly can’t say anything about a lack of commenting given my own recent track record of MAYBE throwing a “nice post” tweet at someone and calling it a day. But yeah, it seems like we’ve always been on the same wavelength – even if you’re a FILTHY ROTTEN Warlock! – and it was always nice to hear you echo back understanding and empathy and to feel connected in similar trials. And while I may have a new space goat skin, I’ll always be the same herpy derpy person underneath it all.

      I will gladly put on my thinking cap for a muse for you. I’m trying to come up with really good ones this year (read: not the first thing that comes to me in an early morning haze), so I’ll probably just email or DM you when I think I have one! Thanks so very much for asking, for being here and for your encouragement. It means the whole world to me.

  9. Your blog actually loads for me now! I can read it more often that twice a month! I’m only commenting because it’s your blogiversary, though. Probably won’t happen again. Not for another year, anyway. Happy blogiversary, Alas!

  10. Finding your blog has literally shaped the last year and a half of my life. I found a new guild and, more importantly, a friend. (Well, then MANY friends, but I digress.)

    With hearts, sappiness, and snark,


    • Oh Zel, who knew you had a heart under all that Murlocy coldness?

      I kid, of course. I am still so very grateful that you did find me and that the first meeting grew into the friendship we do have today. I hope you know how much I value you and how very grateful I am for everything you do, from being an integral part of Team Heal to being a sounding board when I’m stressed. From pre-reading my posts and sometimes giving them the “lawyer” treatment so they transform from incoherent and profanity-ridden to nice bulleted lists that are very profeshinul. You keep me entertained and sane during endless days of work and unite with me in rants probably only the two of us would ever get.

      I don’t make friends easily and far less often do I feel that this person and this friendship are essential to my daily happiness. But I can’t imagine not having you in some way, shape or form and hopefully I’ll never have to.

      Hearts, sap and snark right back at you!

  11. I have known you since before you began this blog, but as I’ve told you before I really enjoy stalking you so I’m glad to have this extra little bit of interaction with you.

    I am also grateful for your blog because you single-handedly inspired me to begin blogging and I’ve enjoyed doing it so much.

    But of course the most valuable thing I’ve gained from this blog is that Zel stumbled across it, befriended you and joined your guild where I got the chance to partake of her wisdom and hear stories of Twig. (was that worth the money you paid me Zel?)

    But in all seriousness, I love this community, I love this blog, and I love my dear Alas. I hope I am fortunate enough to be able to continue stalking you in the future.

    Much love, Elfi

    • Ah, Elfi. Some day you’ll recognize that you’re not actually stalking me because I’m pretty much inviting you to wander into my life and make yourself comfortable. Take off your shoes and have a fruity drink and let’s talk about how ridiculously similar we are in how we awkwardly try to deal with other people. As long as we have each other, we’ll never be alone.

      I’m glad the whole Internet gets to share in your awesomeness just because for some reason my ridiculous ramblings inspired you. It may be my proudest accomplishment. I’m also glad you’re finally over in EtI and I hope you are and will continue to be happy with us. I know I’m always glad to see you on and wouldn’t miss your wit in guild chat and vent for the whole world.

      So, so much love!


    • Thank you on both accounts! I am thrilled to still be blogging and to have a hopefully much better RL job situation coming my way.

      Can I get you anything? Anything at all?

      PS: I miss logging on in the early AM and seeing you. I know it didn’t happen terribly often, and I hope the new guild continues to be a great place for you, but I do miss getting to wave and say hey before dashing off to work.

    • OHAI!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know. I’ll be here for a while, at least. I hope you continue to enjoy my nonsense and that you’ll feel free to tell me when I’m being extra delightfully lame. :D

  12. Hey, you stated in a much more direct way what I was trying to communicate, thanks, I will recommend your site to my friends. Just desired to comment and say which I genuinely like your weblog structure plus the way in which you make too. Its very refreshing to see a blogger like you.. maintain it up…

    Also, grats on two years and here’s hoping for many moar! <3

    • It is comments like this that make the good feelings and bring to me a sense of purpose and joy. I appreciate your taking the time and effort to be writing all the nice things of special context and am refreshed by your honesty on the topic. email me sometime and discuss with me how to encapsulate creating the good vibe all the time!

      (And I didn’t raid my spam folder for that, so tell me how I did!)

      <3 you Grimm and thanks!

        • A view inside my brain:

          “Oh, look, a comment from Grimm. I wonder what he has to say. Er… what? Um, jeez, that’s a bit offhand. Wow. Gods, that nearly sounded like a spam comment. … Oh wait. Daaaaaaaamn. C’mon brain, work faster.”

          I laughed out loud and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  13. Oh great and powerful Alas, guild dictator of Eff the Ineffable, gifted colleague, and valued friend. I come here today to wish you well in your two year blogging adventure, as you have helped me start my own blog in recent days. I also come bearing a gift of a Wine and Cheese Platter to help you get through those long nights after Kooky has critted you throughout the day. From what I hear, those days may be coming to a close, so congrats!

    • As much as I don’t miss anything else about that place, I do sometimes think back to our conversations at work and give a little sigh of nostalgia. NO ONE around here even gets my nerdiness. Dumb accountants.

      Thanks for the good wishes, the wine and cheese (you know I need them after a day full of Kooky) and the flattering comments about my dictatorship. I’m so pleased you’ve started blogging and that I got to be even a small part of helping get you started. I’ll be a first reader for you any time! Let me know if you want anything else for the new blog. I am really, REALLY good at really, REALLY bad mspaint!

  14. Grats on two years, Alas! I’m also thrilled to have found your blog, and through it, EtI. I think you guys may have restored a little bit of my faith in humanity. Or at least the WoW community. Or something.

    So… long as we’re asking for stuff, can I have FM? (shame. I lack it)

    I’d also be willing to blather on at length about things like dps utility and the secret truth about why druids really need moonkin form, if you’re ever SUPER DESPERATE for content.

    • I am very glad you found us! You’ve been a terrific person to have around and while I feel I certainly don’t know you as well as I would like to yet, I can say that you and Mr. Elennar are a delight.

      And yes, you may have FM…. as long as there are no other mages about. You know how we’re selfish like that, keeping it in the magey family. Besides, you already kick my ass up and down the meters. Do you really need any more help?

      I would totally take a post from you any time you want to write one! I am very curious about this secret truth you mentioned. The moonkin form is fluffy and easy to spot; those are obvious reasons. But secret reasons? I am intrigued!

      Here’s to another year, wherein I hope we conquer ALL THE THINGS together!

  15. Hey, Cap! I return from the wilds of NO INTERNET just in time to wish you a happy anniversary! YAAAAY!

    I really do love reading your posts, even your ranty ones. You’ve got an odd sense of humour that I can really appreciate and I always enjoy your posts. Plus I have a soft spot for your blog because your current header that Vid drew was one she was working on early in my friendship with many of my current blogging friends, and the livestream chat definitely contributed to me making friends with them.

    Also, you started up my favourite guild in the world, the one even my Pocket Bear (*coughFizzycough*) feels comfortable in and loves. I ADORE EtI, possibly more than is sane, but I don’t care. Effers are the best.

    SO. If there’s anything you’d like to see me blog about, lay it on me.

    • Thanks Apple! I’m glad there are people out there who can enjoy my odd sense of humor because I get so sad when people don’t get me.

      I’ll put on my thinking cap and get you a topic to blog about. I’m trying really hard to come up with something good this year, instead of going off the cuff like I did last year. I know where to find you, so I’ll let you know when I have a good topic!

    • How long have I put up with you? That’s some staying power!

      I kid, I kid. Or do I?

      It means a lot to me that you come by and check things out from time to time. I know you don’t give a crap about WoW, so “love love love” indeed. I miss you so very much and cannot wait to see you. I will even make you cookies.


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    • Many thanks! Two more years seems like a challenge! I’m going to grit my teeth thoughtfully in its direction.

  17. I would be honored to be a guest writer on your blog, and invite you to do the same for mine! We writers need to stick together! Congrats for two years, and wishing you many more!

    • Hello!

      What sort of writing did you have in mind? Looks like you do a lot of story telling. I could use an excuse to write a little something. :D

      • I hesitate to tell anyone what or how to write; however, I also look for inspiration in any form. Drabbles are fun, challenging, and instant-writing gratification: 100 word stories, no more, no less. I get way too involved with the back stories of my many alts. Poor things, they’ve had to overcome so many obstacles! Spaceship wrecks, hoof-and-mouth disease, bad bosses and King Wyrnnian welfare-states. Sigh.