I healed a raid

And I was really bad at it!

This expansion has definitely been the expansion of my main. Alas sees most of my playtime and effort, with any free time I have going towards little projects in game (like my quest ALL THE THINGS undead hunter, who continues to be a hoot) or towards out of game activities like writing, applying for new jobs or baking.

(No one cares and this isn’t relevant, but I have turned into a baking fiend lately, and I’m not really sure why. I think it’s partly At’s fault. He has been so damn happy every time I’ve announced the making of cookies or the baking of bread. At first, I didn’t understand why – he’s never had much of a sweet tooth – but then I remembered he grew up with a whole passel of highly domestic women around him and things like homemade bread were part of his youth. I like seeing him made so happy by something so simple, so I’m sure my conjuring baking endeavors will only grow.)

The point of all the above (I’m such a windbag), is that Alas is my main and my main focus. So when yesterday found me attempting to heal a raid on Alleulia, The Neglected Paladin, I was as surprised as anyone else.

Just before the raid I was in a mad scrabble to replace some really awful pieces of gear and get everything gemmed and at least cheaply enchanted. I still have some terribly weak pieces of gear (I’m looking at you, hat of something blathering), and I failed to reforge before heading into the raid, but I was as ready as I could be after an hour’s worth of effort and cash dumping.  

We headed to BWD (Tuesdays being alt/farm night) and I immediately starting spazzing. I didn’t quit spazzing until two hours later when we finally called it a night at a nearly full clear.

I got thoroughly spanked on healing meters by two druids and I’m pretty sure the blame for most of the key person deaths (buh-bye tank types!) could be realistically laid largely at my hooves. I was mildly stressed the entire time. I stood in nasty things and died to things I’m still not sure about wtf happened.

I got a new sword for healing. I got achievements. I was full of derp and flail.

I had so much fun.

I’m going to try to run a few more heroics over this next week and see if the guild will let me try that again next week.


I healed a raid — 11 Comments

  1. That’s something I always appreciate on alt runs. People tend to be a bit less relaxed and not so anal about every little mistake. People can make mistakes and laugh about it, it’s all good. This is where the heart of a guild is found, I think (the soul is in a box in Ragnaros’ kitchen. Go get it.).

    “I got a new sword for healing.”

    Why do I see a space goat whacking the tank over the head with said new sword shouting “HEAL, damn you, HEEEAAAL!!”

    • Seems like tank smacking would work better with a mace? I could totally see running around behind Orv, hitting him over the head and screaming like a madwoman.

        • I can see the commercial now.

          “There are many available treatments for Premature Attackulation. One of the proven most effective treatments is to have an angry healer beat the tank over the head with a giant warhammer. This, in most cases, is effective at dazing the tank and keeping them from face-pulling before everyone else in the raid is ready to proceed. If you, or a tank you love, suffers from Premature Attackulation, please seek help.”

          • “Use of the giant warhammer can result in hair loss, itching, cramps, soiled armor, halitosis, and excessive lulz. If any of these symptoms persist for more than four weeks, please consult your physician.”

            (This ad paid for by Zod for Congress. Kneel before Congress! Kneel before Zod!)

      • I figured you could use the flat of the blade. Light knows, half the swords from WOTLK looked like big paddles anyway.


        • That brings up a whole new methodology of healing that I think has been unexplored by Blizzard at this point.

          also, it’s extremely disturbing.

  2. “I was full of derp and flail. I had so much fun.”

    This is WoW in a nutshell. OK, I don’t really love being full of derp and fail, but sometimes the derpy faily moments are the best and the most hilarious.

    • At any rate, they’re more enjoyable than being full of serious business focus time and failing.

      /eyes Friday night with disfavor