Mem’ry lane

Rades says:

Congratulations on 2 years Alas! :D

As for a request…I’d like to see some early screenshots of nooby Alas, when you were still leveling and learning the game. Those are always fun / funny!

First of all, I have to say this about Rades. He’s brilliant. Thanks for the idea, man. As you may have noticed from the way I instantly started spazzing about it over Twitter, I love this whole concept.

The first thing I did when I got home yesterday was open up my pictures folder and go digging. I took some time a while ago to organize all my screenshots by date, so finding the oldest ones I had wasn’t a problem.

Finding old ones that were actually from when I first started playing and that were actually mine was something more of an issue. So when At got home I asked him if there were backups floating around somewhere and could he please find them, kthx web monkey. And At delivered and would like me to note that this delivery was srs bzns. Something about blah blah, TGA not JPG’s tech talky-speaky.

I pay attention whenever At starts talking like that. To anything other than what he is saying. Anyhow, I gather there was something of a heroic struggle on his part and all I know is I had to open the files up in GIMP because nothing else was going to do the job for me.

And here’s the very first screenshot I ever took.

Yes, we were some of THOSE people

It is from December of ’06 and features my first ever character: Haelo, a Druid. I distinctly recall deleting her in a fit of rage because those nasty bear creatures with THONGS kept killing me, and clearly the Druid play style is not for me! (It isn’t, but I do have one at 85 these days. Leveling became easier once I stopped pulling all the things without paying attention to little details like their level in relation to mine. I found it easier to survive.)

Here’s the oldest shot of Alas I At could dig up:

I took this shot because... because... uh...

Yeah, I have no idea why I even have this shot. I am in a party with the guy responsible for getting us playing (Anx). Capt, I am pretty sure, was a level 60 (this was back in Vanilla) paladin that belonged to his brother-in-law. That staff on my back is more than likely the first blue I ever got in the game, after Anx ran At and me through Deadmines, where we boggled with glee over how much XP and SILVER we were getting just for being there.

Please note the general fabulousness of my UI. I mean, it’s smokin’ hawt, right?

I can’t tell which guild we were in back then. I don’t even remember being in a guild on Uther.

Some other early shots include At discovering Noggenfogger and figuring out how to turn off the UI:

Look how well I matched!

One last thing and then I’m done. I am fairly notorious for hating pvp, gnomes and warlocks as far as my personal play-style goes. It’s a wonder Cynwise will even speak to me.

So how do I explain this?

Gnome. Warlock. Semi-twinks.

What you’re seeing there was actually pretty much all my idea. I couldn’t tell you what sparked it. But I do recall rolling up a gnome warlock with the intention of PvPing with her. At copied the model I used and swapped out two letters in the name. Then other people from the guild got in on it.

You can't tell me Gnomes aren't creepy

We built a list of relatively easy-to-acquire gear and detailed instructions on how to acquire it. We ran each other through Deadmines and high level (for a 17-19 character) quests out in Stonetalon. We found the one guy on the whole server who could do the enchants we wanted and we farmed the crap out of elementals for the mats needed. We all learned Engineering and maxxed out our First Aid as high as we could. Once we had Engineering as high as we could get it, we farmed a little more and then dropped mining so we could level Jewel Crafting. For the healy statues.

As people got ready and hit 19, we hit the battlegrounds. And we pwned face. The enemy would hate us so much they would create level 1 Alliance characters to call us cheaters or say they were going to report us for botting. Hell, we had Alliance people take one look at us in all of our matchy-matchy glory and threaten to report us for botting. (This never made sense coming from either side. At worse, someone was multi-boxing which is, of course, perfectly acceptable)

The most Iso’s (as we called them) that we ever had in one BG at a time was five. We waited in the queue for an hour and the match lasted nearly as long. We won… but it was a fight and we were up against some talented Horde players.

Writing this up has made me realize that even though there’s a lot of personal history I couldn’t hope to recapture or relive, I would totally go in on PvPing with a bunch of clones again. Anyone else up for that?


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    • Right. I’ll maybe get a roundup of who is interested and then we can all share a gdoc around for planning purposes and discussion!

  1. Your gnomes are fabulous. Being slaughtered by a pack of gnomes would definitely make me cry. Anyway, what’s the collective name for a herd of gnomes?
    “A cute of gnomes”, “A glut of gnomes”?

  2. I miss the Iso’s so much. Alas had to weed through a folder full of my Iso BG scoreboards to get the rest of the pics up there.

    Would it be any easier to pull something like this off now to make level 10’s then turn off XP gain?

    I’m really pretty out of touch with the twinking in general since they made all the major changes to XP in BGs, plus the different 5 level brackets instead of 10’s, no clue which battlegroups might twink/turn off XP more than others, etc.

    • 10s are kinda dead – you have to really coordinate to get the bgs to pop.

      The 19s, 24s, and 70s are all busy brackets. The 24s are really busy due to F2P accounts getting thrown into there; I can get pops most time of the day and night in those three brackets.

      I would probably recommend 19 or 24 for a project like this. 24 not only gives you a mount, it gives you access to Gnomer, which could be fun. :)

  3. What great screenshots Alas! :D Those are so funny to see, and those gnomes, wtf, haha. BRILLIANT idea, and I’m glad you have the screenshots saved for posterity! The ones with you and At are sweet, too (the little At is my favorite).

    Awesome job! Glad it was fun to go back digging through the archives!

  4. As a bran spanking noob, it’s fairly inspiring to see how much fun you’ve had with the game. Right now, I’m in the dredges of trying to figure out what I am doing without looking too stupid. But each day, I get better and I look forward to looking back on my fun history someday!

    • I’d strongly encourage you to be better than I was about taking screenshots. I wish I had more to look back at than I do!

  5. Lovely idea, i just wish I’d been as inspired to screenshot a lot of the cool stuff I saw. My favorite SS from the ones you posted is the one you don’t know why – if I may venture a guess, the highest roll you’d gotten as of then? (Capt must be a mage, he has Frost Armor on and I don’t remember it being a buff or any buff having that icon.) The best part of it I think is your action bar and having the wand binded to 1. It reminded me of my noobishness in mage ways, when I had frostbolt on 1, firebolt on 2, arcane missles on 3, fireblast on 4, cone of cold on 5 and arcane explosion on 6. My single target leveling rotation was 1->2->3->4->5->6->6->6. I found the joke about mages being like the Irish extremely funny back then (fight and drink, fight and drink).

  6. That PvP clone thing looks awesome. There need to be more PvP clones!

    It’s great seeing screenshots when people first started playing, it’s always lots of fun. Sadly I was a noob back then and never thought to save my screenshot folder when I got a new computer, so I don’t have anything left other than the odd 3-5 I may have uploaded to some site.

    More screenshots for the people!

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