Guest Post: Ode to Alas

Today’s guest post comes to me from my darling Elfindale. I hope it makes y’all giggle as much as it does me. (Click the link below to listen to Elfi read it. She’s quite charming!)

Ode to Alas

Happy Blogiversary,
My dear Alas!
I know you asked for guest posts,
But you can kiss my ass.
I’ve got my own blog I need
To write my own posts for.
What the hell do I look like to you,
Some sort of blog post whore?
But Happy Blogiversary,
I hope this satisfies you,
You cranky, asshole mage.
Your friends & fans all love you,
Even though you’re quite the bore.
So Happy Blogiversary,
And here’s to 2 years more.
We love you!






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  1. It didn’t work for me from Google Reader, but it worked for me from this site after I agreed to let it run a Windows Media Player plug-in. I apologize for the trouble, I didn’t think about a .wma file causing some difficulties.