Happy Alas-iversary

Nymphy is one of Alas’s guild-members (read: peons) in Eff the Ineffable and has wandered over here from D/E the Tank because she can’t resist taking over Alas’ blog for a few moments. It is her fault for leaving it unattended anyway! She has dragged Orv over here to help her let Alas know just how much she is revered (read: feared) on her blogoversary.

Orv has been known to tank now and again for Alas’s officerless guild experiment. After nine months Alas still hasn’t choked him out, which probably has more to do with her inability to reach his throat, and less to do with his being the best guildy ever.

*peers around at the unattended blog* Good, she is gone, in pursuit of new ways to torment her victims we assume. We are here to set you straight about Alas. She is a dictator. Seriously. It is unbelievable, but it is the truth! We are sent cowering in fear every day and there is NO escape from it! We have no officers because she won’t give up the control, it all has to be in her power hungry hands. And you are lucky not to have heard her floral profanities! We dare not repeat them here, your eyes might be sensitive to such atrocities as those! As she lures more and more new people to her side with promises of a democratic guild and fair raiding slots, we decided to seize this chance to tell you the truth before you get sucked in by her false promises as well! Now, we don’t have much time before she comes back so here is the honest truth, prepare yourself well cause it isn’t likely we will get an opportunity like this again:

We actually like Alas. Really! Now we may be masochists but we cheer at the floral profanities and the way we have to kill ourselves for loot*. It has been a unique experience, her guild without officers experiment, and one that we are very happy to be a part of. Alas, is, well, Alas. Brash, funny, and fearless leader all in one. So here’s to you Alas! Happy Effing Alas-iversary and may you have many more days to exult in your tyranny…

*Oblique reference to our loot system Suicide Kings.


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